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  1. OK. I forget about the point in TOS. Thanks a lot.
  2. Please anyone help regarding offering my fresh services to my previous buyers.
  3. Three orders completed on Fiverr and earned $56. It is not good to under estimate others. I am a heart patient and still struggling after facing hardships in yester years. Did you believe me?
  4. Any TRS please guide. It will be useful to create 7 different gigs for selling and whether it will get orders. Please someone who has had experiences of years, give good suggestions.
  5. Stay online, be consistent, Post new images/writings, etc.
  6. Follow this post by “montazz”. A golden advice for seller when responding to a buyer request. This post speaks for itself. Do follow.
  7. You are really awesome. Thanks a lot for your precious advice.
  8. Thank you fot your help. What I have to do in social media kit for facebook, instagram and twitter for a client whose order is being done by me and for this only $5 will be paid (social media kit) besides logo design. Please reply. Note: I am a 60 year old guy (this is for your information) Thanks and Regards, markashif1961
  9. I am a seller. Please give a better picture for my understanding.
  10. I have designed a logo for a mam’s situation awareness website and she also wants me to do it for facebook, instagram and twitter. Tell me what to create for these platforms.
  11. I have got an order from a buyer, but his profile is empty. How to verify that he is not spamming me? He has ordered me in the spam folder of mail account.
  12. My 4 gigs are ranking on the first page. My Niche is Golden Ratio logo designs, but no conversion after July 2020. What can I do?
  13. Click does not does anything. If the buyer approves your request than he will inbox you and If you have asked him/her to discuss the project, than start conversation for the project and after the buyer gets satisfied with you, than he will order the project.
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