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  1. OK. I forget about the point in TOS. Thanks a lot.
  2. Please anyone help regarding offering my fresh services to my previous buyers.
  3. Three orders completed on Fiverr and earned $56. It is not good to under estimate others. I am a heart patient and still struggling after facing hardships in yester years. Did you believe me?
  4. Any TRS please guide. It will be useful to create 7 different gigs for selling and whether it will get orders. Please someone who has had experiences of years, give good suggestions.
  5. Stay online, be consistent, Post new images/writings, etc.
  6. Follow this post by “montazz”. A golden advice for seller when responding to a buyer request. This post speaks for itself. Do follow.
  7. You are really awesome. Thanks a lot for your precious advice.
  8. Thank you fot your help. What I have to do in social media kit for facebook, instagram and twitter for a client whose order is being done by me and for this only $5 will be paid (social media kit) besides logo design. Please reply. Note: I am a 60 year old guy (this is for your information) Thanks and Regards, markashif1961
  9. I am a seller. Please give a better picture for my understanding.
  10. I have designed a logo for a mam’s situation awareness website and she also wants me to do it for facebook, instagram and twitter. Tell me what to create for these platforms.
  11. I have got an order from a buyer, but his profile is empty. How to verify that he is not spamming me? He has ordered me in the spam folder of mail account.
  12. My 4 gigs are ranking on the first page. My Niche is Golden Ratio logo designs, but no conversion after July 2020. What can I do?
  13. Click does not does anything. If the buyer approves your request than he will inbox you and If you have asked him/her to discuss the project, than start conversation for the project and after the buyer gets satisfied with you, than he will order the project.
  14. Koresh, Delete do from your gig title. I think, rest of the gig is OK. markashif1961
  15. Can anyone give me suggestions as to how to upgrade SEO in the gig title “I will design a minimalist awesome gradient logo”?
  16. Keywords are very very important for gig ranking. Use appropriate keywords for gig ranking depicting your niche in your gig title.
  17. I have just copied the sentence from my gig creation title and I did not write “I Will”.
  18. I will design modern a minimalist golden ratio and 3d logo. What is wrong with the title and it is not saving? The error says “Title can contain letters and numbers only”. How to upgrade SEO. Please help asap.
  19. Can anyone tell me about video-fying of GIGS. Is it necessary to upload separate videos for each gig. I have not been rated as yet as I joined fiverr some 4-5 months back.
  20. What first hand tips are suggested for fast gig conversions.
  21. 250 requests send but conversion not done. Any comprehensive suggestions
  22. Please give comprehensive details of new seller features for converting the logo design gigs to orders.
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