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  1. Thank you for this topic. Haven’t read of a wonderful topic like this before.
  2. He does have a data entry gig. Why would he ask the CS to cancel the order if he delivered everything he was supposed to? Because of the problem he is facing. If he won’t cancel the order himself, either the CS will (of course if the buyer submits a ticket) or we will end up getting a negative rating from the blackmailing buyer
  3. Ask the CS to cancel the order and restore your stats manually. Also report the person as well
  4. You may consider to add a limit on your gigs regarding orders in queue instead of using Out of Office
  5. Hello Fiverr community This post relates to general inquiry about a situation I read quite often on social media regarding working on Fiverr. I am asking this question just to make sure that my conduct is in line with the Fiverr TOS in case the same situation happens with me in the future. In this hypothetical situation , the buyer is new to Fiverr and knows little about what is a bad or a good review and how much stars shall he give if he is satisfied with the seller’s performance. Lets say he gives a review of 2.5 stars to the seller not knowing that it is considered low and can spoil the seller’s stats (and not considered as satisfactory review). Later he regrets and tells the seller that he has given the said 2.5 rating unintentionally and in good faith and would like to change his review. He also tells the seller that he knows very little about Fiverr and doesn’t know how to change his review in this case. So, my question is whether the seller on the behalf of the buyer can ask the Customer Support to change the buyer’s rating (As the buyer wants to change it) ??? or is it considered a violation of Fiverr TOS and result in the seller getting a warning??? Thanks for reading
  6. Well I am passing through the same stage as you where buyers hardly bother to read the gig description or contacting me first before ordering. I have clearly written down in my gig description that the buyer should contact me before ordering but in vain.
  7. you don’t need to fill in the form if you are not a US citizen simply click on “No” option
  8. This is very interesting topic to read and think about and finally to get implemented. Moreover the recommendations by other members are also quite reasonable and practicable. No matter which recommendation is implemented or considered, it is for sure that the sellers must be protected from unwanted orders which affect their response rate. Also that the CS response time is way too slow to handle every order which has been placed by mistake
  9. I haven’t heard of anything like buffer time yet
  10. You should deliver your order once it gets done and not wait for the response instead. Remember that you can always provide them with revisions. And yes your profile and chances of evaluation shall get affected you deliver you orders late
  11. As you said that there was no such category for your query and also that Fiverr nowadays take a million years to respond. In addition gig review is done obviously after you make any changes to your gig. So I think the best of the ideas is to make the desired changes and then contact CS for review (you can find this relevant this category in CS complain box)
  12. According to Fiverr TOS, it is strictly against the Fiverr rules to have multiple accounts. If detected can result in suspension of the new account as well.
  13. When it comes to gig review , you should contact CS “after” you make any changes and not “before” making them Thanks for the well wishes anyways
  14. make sure to contact Fiverr CS for gig review soon after you make any changes otherwise your gigs wont get shown in search results
  15. It usually happens if you try to withdraw more than once a day You can only withdraw only once in 24 hours and if you try to do it twice within this time frame, such message will show up
  16. The minimum withdrawal amount from Fiverr is 20$ but from payoneer to your local bank, it is 100$ (based upon your country). Every company has its own set of rules
  17. Well thats very unfortunate and depressing to see as a seller honestly. I think Fiverr needs to look into this commonly and constantly occurring problem .
  18. Eid mubarak to all fellow community members here
  19. Eid mubarak to all dear community members
  20. Well here is where luck comes in.I just want to say that if you have got the skills and the attitude to become successful, there will be no stopping you. Keep working hard and you will definitely find more work. Once you get an order capitalize it
  21. Even I had the same problem and after contacting Fiverr CS my gigs were restored by the grace if ALLAH
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