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  1. I think I made the question unclear, what I wanted to ask was what rating is considered good in the 5 star scale. For example, is a 4.7 star gig good?
  2. What is, in your opinion, a good gig rating for fiverr?
  3. Although it is an opportunity to learn, I'm naturally a little upset. My gig review dropped from 5 to 4.7, because for the first time I got a 1 star review. Is 4.7 sustainable? How did you cope up with this experience?
  4. How many reviews did it take for your gig to get off of the ground? How many monthly orders did you start to get from this point?
  5. Not sure why you would entirely copy my response, but okay
  6. I see, thank you for sharing!
  7. Thanks for sharing this, it answers everything!
  8. I was wondering if factors such as seller level, reviews etc affect a seller’s position in the search results. Thanks!
  9. I’ve read the tos, I was just wondering if it still applies. Thanks
  10. I was just wondering, if I source my clients from outside of Fiverr, but choose to use Fiverr to process the payments, am I bound to communicate within Fiverr?
  11. I appreciate you sharing your understanding on this man!
  12. 😳 Why do you ask? What does it have to do with anything?
  13. If you have enough credentials and big portfolio with known brands and quality work then the age or a high school wouldn’t be a disqualification criteria Precisely answers my question. Thank you! 🙂
  14. Just curious if there is a minimum age to be a Fiverr pro seller. Regular sellers can be as young as 13 but for Fiverr pro they ask you to talk about your higher eduction. Does this mean that anyone without a higher education or too young for it not eligible to be a pro seller?
  15. Yes, it would. It’s strictly forbidden to communicate with your Fiverr clients outside of Fiverr, let alone direct them to buy from you somewhere else. Fiverr has the option of custom offers, so you can provide that other service through Fiverr. I suggest you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service thoroughly. The custom offers to need to be related to the gig, though. I meant like something unrelated.
  16. What if I provide a specific type of service on Fiverr, and a different kind of service in another platform, and a Fiverr customer comes to me asking about the service in the other platform, would it be illegal to redirect them?
  17. If I have an order pending, which wasn’t given the order requirements yet, will it make my gig less visible to others?
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