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  1. is it against fiverr terms and conditions to ask my buyer to send there file Tru Google drive link on fiverr when file is too large to be sent to me on fiverr from my buyer
  2. They all called crypto currencies and for sure all crypto currencies are big things to come and to change our way we think of money in general,
  3. You can get the money from here in USD and then transform into crypto. Lol ok what of the buyers who have there funds on cryptocurrency that want direct payment from there cryptocurrency account , and mind you when it involves money you don’t keep your buyers waiting and pondering , you know what I mean 😉
  4. It just like paypal is banned to receive funds in some county but payoneer is there option to use
  5. That why I said there are other options to pick , pick the one that is suitable for you it must not be bitcoin or cryptocurrency, it just more options for people who have there funds saved in crypto currency
  6. Please don’t get this wrong , this situation is not about fiverr saving there funds as a cryptocurrencies , is about having more options to choose which way a buyer and seller want to be paid , just like when you change your currencies from dollar to pounds or euro in your dashboard on fiverr , knowing fully that the value varies in currencies, example is when a Uk buyer who pays in pounds of 38 pounds but I receive the equivalent of this order in my preferred currency and that is doller , so now if there is an option I want to be paid on bitcoin they should be an option to that value been ordered of my service, I hope you get the idea 💡
  7. Yes of course just like when you change your currencies from dollar to euro or pounds or other currencies they should all be crypto added as choice
  8. That why they are others ways which you have been using before , every one will choose which way he or she want to be paid in
  9. That the idea 💡 fiverr will make more money apart from there 20% gain they get from finished transaction and this will make them invest more in reaching out to new buyers making we sallers have more work on deck , this thing called crypto is really given a sign that is hear to stay and if you get involve in it as quick as possible you gain more before it saturate
  10. Do you realize that that same bitcoin went real quick from 0 to 100 acceleration 😉 don’t be scared bro it is what it is you loss and you gain same with flat (doller) , do you know the value of dollars not same last 10 years
  11. Yes exactly and those using crypto will benefit from it when it goes high in value
  12. Yes cos the market was not all round accepted but this time it look like there is a future in crypto
  13. Fiverr already boasts about their reach. Take their Super Bowl ad for instance. Yes that thru but seen that no other freelence have this as there pay to pay pay in method I think it will push more and make others how love crypto transaction will definitely want to get service hear on fiverr
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