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  1. I contacted a CS and they told me about this order that affected my delivery percentage. It was month ago (June 13) so it's kind of weird that it affected my statistics just recently. It was about half an hour late delivery but I guess it doesn't matter to the rating system. Anyways it's my fault so this topic is solved, thanks to of you all that helped. 😄
  2. The thing is I never offered a gig extras, neither clients ordered a gig extas (at least not in a last few orders) so that couldn't be the problem in my case. Also I don't think that it's single order because like I said - first it went down to 90%, then after one order it moved up to 92% and now it's 89%. So it means that every order affected my delivery rate in some way but I can't understand how that rating system works and that's the worst thing. Yeah I knew that I would have to contact CS at some point but I don't expect much from them, that's why I wanted to see here if anyone had that same problem. Anyway thanks for you response, it was helpful. 😄
  3. Hi, so after I was promoted to level 1 seller I noticed that every time order finished my "Deliver on time" percentage drops for no reason. First it dropped to 90% then went back to 92% and today after another order was automatically marked as finshed I noticed that it went below 90%. What could be the reason for that? I always deliver my orders due to deadline and even if client ask for a revision after the deadline I upload ASAP to remove #LATE# timer.. And I had these #LATE# warnings when I was new seller and it never affected my delivery percentage. So my question is what am I doing wrong here because I'm quite confused about what is going on and I will be demoted in a few days due to percentage being under 90%..
  4. It may be, if for example top rated seller creates a new gig it should rank higher than new gig from new seller or level one/two seller. But thats just my opinion so don’t take it too serious. 😃
  5. Just refresh the page and go back to buyer’s requests page multiple times throughout the day. It will show up but sometimes it takes more time. 🙂
  6. How do you mean, I don’t understand? 😃
  7. Why would you want to delete your gig? You can edit your gig at any time and update it so I don’t see a reason for you to delete it. Especially if you want to create exactly the same gig after you delete it. 😃
  8. Oh yeah it’s a bug, I just checked my ‘earnings’ tab and it says 12$ there. Thanks for the replies everyone. 😃
  9. Don’t know if this is just me (or my level) but I noticed that Fiverr increased fee up to 30%. Did you also noticed that and if you have, what are your thoughts about that? Screenshot_31076×270 23.4 KB
  10. Well I personally think nothing changes when you reach a higher level. Only thing is that buyers may have more trust in a seller with some kind of ‘badge’ and more reviews. So reaching higher level shouldn’t affect your sales for better or worse. 🙂 My advice is that you try to change some things like gig hashtags, maybe even a gig image or description. Not too much, but just that you try some new things and see if it would attract new buyers.
  11. I didn’t knew that asking for a review it’s actually against ToS, thanks for sharing that info. 😃 I mean spamming and begging should be against the rules but I thought that simply asking clients to leave a review if they liked your services shouldn’t be violation of ToS but I guess I was wrong. 😃
  12. Well you might contact the support if you think that its not your fault for cancellation of the order. I think if you explain them whats going on they can remove the cancelled order from your account. Thats the best thing you can do at this point.
  13. I think the easiest method would be if you send them link to an portfolio site like behance or dribbble. 🙂
  14. Yeah it’s up to clients to decide if they want their work to be shown in your portfolio or not. I was just wondering if that option is turned on by default or not, does anybody knows? 🙂
  15. Welcome to Fiverr and best of luck 😃
  16. Try to promote your gig on social media or just promote the work you do and when someone reach out to you, send them to fiverr and that way you are going to get that first few orders and your gig will be visible to more clients. 🙂
  17. Yeah I see but in the title of your Gig it doesn’t says that you are offering just for medical articles. So when clients see that it can be confusing. So I would suggest to either change your gig title so it fits the image or change the image to something related to SEO generally. About using a video in your gig, yeah why not. But make sure that is high quality one and that it fits the frame of gig. 😃
  18. Well the first thing I notice are the images in your gig. These gig images have low resolution and text is barely visible, also images dont fit the frame (I would suggest using 1600x1076px). And on the SEO gig you have doctor on your gig cover, you shoud change it to something closely related to SEO… Those are first things I notice, try to change it and you should get better results… 😃
  19. Welcome to Fiverr. 🙂 Just be patient, you will handle it step by step. 😃
  20. Welcome and good luck with selling here 😃
  21. Hi, so i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice how to improve my gig. I basically get orders once in week on average but most of the orders are from clients that find me on instagram and then I send them here. Here is my gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/A0GDqP Instagram link, so you can maybe suggest some other logo to put in a gig gallery because those that I have right now are obviously are not attracting any new clients. 😃 https://www.instagram.com/tenfodesign/
  22. Hi, so I’m new on fiverr and I just wanted to know what can I do to improve my gig. I’m relatively expirienced in freelancing but not on this website so any advice would be good. https://www.fiverr.com/hrvojebaljak605/create-a-perfect-logo-for-you
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