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  1. Thanks for the nice tips, you’re a nice person πŸ‘
  2. not received order last 2 months ago, idk what happen to my account 😭
  3. me and my family going well here, hope u all the same πŸ˜‡
  4. not much we do on outdoor because corona everywhere , besides work from home πŸ‘
  5. Welcome to fiverr bruh, hope u got a lot of orders πŸ‘
  6. You’re right, one time we don’t get too serious which makes our buyers bored, but we have to be interspersed with jokes that make the atmosphere so good πŸ‘
  7. Nice share i’ve ever read, so detailed information, keep sharing bruh. πŸ‘
  8. I have the same problem you faced, wishing the best for us and new sellers. πŸ‘
  9. nothing is good instead it gets worse, office closed and no income. 😷
  10. Welcome to fiverr community and nice to meet you. πŸ‘
  11. nice post i’ve ever seen, it helps much for new seller like me, keep sharing bruh. πŸ‘
  12. Don’t think too much about the problem, take action for solve the problem immediately dear. πŸ‘
  13. amazing info and share i’ve ever seen, keep sharing bruh. πŸ‘
  14. welcome to fiverr community and nice to meet you ☺️
  15. for answer your quoestion, read this same relevent topic bruh, hope this helps you. πŸ‘There is nagative effect If i change my gig TITLE?
  16. nice info and tips i’ve ever seen. keep sharing a nice tips bruh. πŸ‘
  17. I pray to god for the best for all of us,hope this virus ends quickly. Ameen πŸ‘
  18. your welcome bruh, glad to help you πŸ‘
  19. you can wait for it, just enjoy it while drinking a glass of coffee πŸ‘
  20. Hello bruh, for answer the quoestion, you can read this Can We run two Fiverr account on same PC ? [ARCHIVED]
  21. no need high impression or high view, it has nothing to do if there is no order πŸ‘
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