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  1. @pussyacat I just checked your gig… it’s at the front page using vector Tracing search tag.
  2. It seems PayPal is not supported in Bangladesh, why not create your own payoneer account and link it to your Fiverr Account instead of using another person PayPal account.
  3. @tonychima360 You are the one to initiate the transferring of your funds to your bank account… Payoneer won’t help you to press the button to transfer it, press the button yourself and they will process it.
  4. @donnovan86 you’ve 30 orders in queue in one of your gigs… I don’t understand how you’re getting orders if you’ve been completely removed from search.
  5. @lesgrosmots Vous êtes les bienvenus ici … Je vous souhaite du succès … You are welcome here… I wish you success…
  6. Well, you can create your own topic and discuss this… this is somebody else thread… don’t let us hijack it.
  7. It ok… You refunded the buyer from your wallet without the order being cancelled which means you collected the buyer payment details, that’s completely against Fiverr TOS
  8. @nailarafique545 Firstly, remove the username of the buyer/seller, it is against forum rules calling out names.
  9. I think once your first message is being subjected to review by the support… any subsequent message won’t go through until the first message is clear… That’s what I am thinking.
  10. I think the first screenshot you sent contains the word “project”.
  11. Some words are already program on the system to be subjected to review by the mentioning of them even though you might not have the intention of breaking the rules.
  12. I think the mentioning of the word “project” trigger the system to review all your replies. As it it is against Fiverr TOS to provide any kind of school project/assignment.
  13. In this case, I dont think fiverr reviews account and put account under reviews, they only shows that your message is being reviews by our trust and safety team…but if they find relevant reply from seller this could be case ! Sometime, the support press the wrong button… I have seen cases where seller report buyers for abuse/charge back issue but it was the seller Account that was mistakenly banned/flagged. But it was later reversed
  14. You answered your own question. There are no conditional reasons in this case. The rules say that you cannot share your personal information, since that would allow outside communication. If/when you do this, you will get flagged/warned for it. That seems pretty straightforward to me. The only way a client could share your personal contact information, is if you gave it to him/her to start with. Don’t share your personal contact information. It is not always true… buyer dropped contact details in my inbox without me even asking and I do let them know immediately it is against Fiverr TOS.
  15. If the buyer shared the contact details without you asking, then you don’t have any problem, Fiverr will review the communication between you and the buyers.
  16. Hello @toner2d, I understand how you feel… over the time, I have not been able to see my gig in search too, but I have received messages from new clients, I even received new message yesterday. Like they have stated above, the number of sellers on the platform has triple or even quadruple because a lot of people lost their jobs due to the pandemic and they are finding means to survive hence the algorithm giving new sellers chance/exposure. Don’t worry, just keep promoting your gig and in due time things will be better.
  17. Please kindly remove the seller name… it is against the forum rule to call out anyone.
  18. True, a buyer message me while I was sleeping around 8pm but I couldn’t reply, so the following morning, I messaged the buyer back and I apologise for not responding as it was already late in my country when the message came in… The buyer completely understood my situation and he also said he saw the notification that I might not respond immediately as it was late where I am… And we still deal. There is no need to be online 24/7…
  19. No normal people will want to stay online 24/7 as it is completely dangerous to one health… The body needs time to rejuvenate…
  20. Well, I’m not misquoting you… It’s not helpful to you.
  21. @j6nyc6 I’m not even making point about the OP… It was the statement made by @coerdelion that the option of “online sellers” is not useful.
  22. @coerdelion You can’t completely say the option of “online sellers” is useless… If you get some of your orders while you were offline, then good for you… Sometime, buyers filter to online sellers in order to get answer to the query regarding a particular gig package… I have gotten orders while I was sleeping and also I have lost some orders while I was sleeping too.
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