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  1. by this image853×591 164 KB image943×608 45.8 KB then paste the code to your site
  2. Where did you get this information? Asking a question (any question) on the forum daily is not going to help this person get impressions, clicks or orders. Optimizing a Gig 3 times in a week? Somehow, I think you make things up as you go along. GG I think you are right @genuineguidance
  3. There are Facebook, Twitter,Pinterest and LinkedIn and many more.
  4. Firstly, it is not fiver that is fiverr.If you have good skills and knowledge about your profession then you must get hired.Without a great skill knowledge and lack of english I think you are not getting order on fiverr. Please Development your skill, Built a good relationship with buyers and grow your english knowledge and Active on fiverr…Later on share on the socials… You must get orders soon.😍
  5. Development of your skills is recommended firstly.Be patient on work and must be active on the platform and then share your gigs on the social network.
  6. Buyers should knock you for their orders…There is no way to communication first from your side.
  7. I am also facing this more than 2 months from now.
  8. I was on level 1 seller but I lost that. Then my gigs are losing the rank and don’t get the orders for more than 2 months. But recently get order 6 days before…Can I get back my gigs ranking and sales? image1246×536 57.9 KB
  9. Looking for graphic design categories.
  10. As a designer or developer, you can accurately measure the number of hours worked and time allocated for each project, task, and client throughout the day. A time tracker lets you track both productivity and efficiency and deliver your project within an estimated time frame.
  11. Check out fiverr seller support Fiverr Help and Education Center
  12. You must be active on fiverr,skillfull and need share your gigs.
  13. Sometimes it happened due to bugs…but you can refresh the page the issue my reduce.
  14. You may contact with customer support of fiverr.They may help you on this condition.
  15. Fiverr does the platform update every month on 15th day.So you should get the badges on 15th of evolution month?.
  16. Reviews are remained on the platform although you edit or delete any of your gigs.
  17. Grow your skills, active on fiverr and share your gigs and be patient.
  18. And I have completed 190 orders​:wink:🎉
  19. Its a long time journey and congress to got an achievement @vibronx
  20. What is the proper way to share a gig to get impressions, views, and sales?
  21. Welcome to the fiverr Amazing World @vertexooo !
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