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  1. Thanks for sharing your valuable information. I think your information will much more help for any freelancers.
  2. Welcome to our Fiverr forum. Have a nice job.
  3. You can use out of office. But your gig will decrease. So please stay with this platform. Because you have started a fiverr journey. Safe stay, safe healthy.
  4. Welcome to this fiverr forum. I hope you will be fine.
  5. Look you are a level one or two. I don't know. But here also every market place if you gather many more review with 5 star then you get the job. Mind it. It's my experience. So be patience with your level and send buyer request every day. But if you are not level then you have to send decrease the price than another freelancer. That's it. I think you will win the job. But you have to know 100% with your job. That's it.
  6. Be Patience. Always send request more jobs. I hope you will get your order.
  7. Ok overcome this time. Then you will get order. Be patience
  8. This is their vacation time I thing you know because you are a lavel2 seller. I am also lavel1. So you have passed this time and me also. So be patience.
  9. Are you a newbie or lavel1 or lavel2 or toprated. You did’t describe. Ok during December to February is their vacation time. So you will get order as before after this time. Be patience.
  10. Hello bro i have seen your problem. During December to March is their vacation time. So you can’t get any buyer or more buyer. Because i am also a lavel 1 seller. So now i have no work now. Because I have faced such this timeSo don’t worry you will definetely get order after their vacation time.
  11. “Yes” he just accepted the orders & The order is in queue with 26 days expiry date. I searched for his profile by the username but its backing to my own dashboard Ok no problem. Complete the job and send final delivery. Your money will come within 3 days if your buyer does not return
  12. Keep patience. You are newbie in this platform
  13. Did your buyer actually accept your order? If yes you can deliver your job within your time. Don’t worry after 3 days if he not respond then the money will come to you. This is fiverr rule or any marketplace rule
  14. My opinion is resolution center will not work. If any buyer can do it. So they do it. Please mail first in fiverr support. It’s your own safe.
  15. You have to create a portfolio on behance, dribble, flickr, google site, google blogger for free. And you have to give many times at first. https://www.fiverr.com/dipankarbasak?up_rollout=true I am working in graphic design. So i gave to create my portfolio for 6 months. I don’t know that what’s your job like data entry, graphic design or anything.
  16. Share your gigs to any social media platform. But don’t share your gig’s link. You can put your gig link to your portfolio. My choice is you can share your portfolio link indirectly gig link. That’s my opinion. And i am sharing my gig link that method. Be safe, be careful
  17. Actually i am working in my another project and message with you. Actually my question is can i share my wife account URL from my account to a buyer? or reverse. That’s it
  18. Your sentence is misleading. Just said my wife and I have 2 accounts. Thank you bro. Actually i am working my project and message both. So it’s my mistake
  19. I mailed to the Fever community and took Answer. They are agree. Because my two accounts are different name. One is my account and another is my wife’s account. Our services are different. Mail id is different. Payment is different. So i have a proof from community. So how it will banned?
  20. Hello everybody, I have a question for you. Anybody can solution for my question. That I have two accounts. Can i share my each account Id from my another account to a buyer? Please help me.
  21. Hello, guys. you and your wife using different laptop. So you have no problem. And if you have any single laptop there will not be any problem. But you have to know the fiverr rules that Your service may be differentYou are both can’t buy and sell each otherYou can’t massage each other That’s it
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