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  1. Highly Welcome😀 Happy journey!!!
  2. Highly Welcome😀 Happy journey!!!
  3. I think it will not appear. You can refresh again. Then you can receive new buyer requests.
  4. At first you need to see wasn't your buyer happy with what you did? It is ofter forgotten by your buyer. Now you have to work more and more on that gig. If possible take any job with custom offer with that gig more and more. Then it will be solved. Be patience.
  5. Welcome to our Fiverr form. Hope you a happy journey😀
  6. Yes, its happening with me also. I think every freelancers suffer this. Fiverr give chances every freelancers and that time your gig impression goes down
  7. Good job someone. Keep the buyers happy. And be patience. That's it
  8. I think 24 to 72 hrs. But if you don't get any update then you can go to Fiverr CS.
  9. I think you have to change your gig attractive image with SEO and share your gig in many social media.
  10. Hey welcome to this Fiverr community. Best wishes. Happy journey😀
  11. Firstly you are most welcome to this Fiverr forum. You have to patience more. Send buyer request every day. Marketing your all the gigs. That's it.
  12. You are most welcome to this Fiverr community😀
  14. That's great!!! CONGRATULATIONS
  15. Thank you! for your valuable tips. I think it will more effective and helpful for all the freelancers.
  16. No bro paypal and payoneer both have service charges. I know that payoneer is free. But I saw a good youtube video and that person revealed that payoneer has service charges same to paypal. I think 2% deducted paypal and payoneer too.
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