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  1. Thank you everyone for your prayer for me and my family…Im much better now…Keep me in your prays so I completely recover myself…
  2. Thank you so much…Im much better now…Keep me in your prayer
  3. One week before I got affected by COVID-19… My condition was worse … Coughing just make my life horrible including fever… Thanks to my mother she cares about me a lot… nowadays I feel much better … I’m not fully recovered yet, but yes, now I can sit and move… Pray for me and my family…
  4. My gig was suddenly vanished and now its on no 2 page…there is no Secret…You try to work hard…Like be active and send buyer request…doing some good marketing of your work
  5. Hi @saminatasneem, Sorry to know you lost your level. Here’s the answer to your question. Please take a look at the graph I have made for you. In red, it’s shown how the on-time delivery rate decreases and in blue, the amount of new orders you will need to deliver on time to bring it back to 100% (amount that depends on how many percentage points you have lost). Values were calculated based on a total amount of 10 orders. 😦 anyway thx
  6. I was sad but now Im ok…let see what waiting for me next…Thank you
  7. Everyone when Level One that time I lost my level. I am feeling so bad… 😞 Why Late delivery time decreases so fast but increases soo slow.
  8. Thank you. 😊 I have not quit quite completely, but nearly so. Anymore, I skim the titles of the threads and delete most of them. I have more productive things to do with my time. In this case…I totally agree with you but your presence also help others… 🙂
  9. But you are so helpful, person…I like your way of helping style…Don’t quit… 😦
  10. We have nothing to do…until they solve it
  11. Customer support saying its will be update soon…
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