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  1. Scroll down to the bottom and hit "Submit a request" https://www.fiverr.com/support/segments/sellers?segment=seller I know you might be pissed right now coz of the order cancellation, but be professional with your chat with CS and do not repeat your self. Happy selling!!
  2. I am sorry you had to deal with a difficult customer. But sooner or later we all have to deal with one. Looking back I only had to deal with a such customer once and it was when I was fairly new to the platform. Like in your case he quoted a considerably lower price to the ones I advertised and he was complaining all the time, not to mention the mountain of revisions. I learned my lesson though. Never lower your price no matter what. If you don't value your work nobody will. I found your music to be really good btw. So find some new orders and things will start rolling in again.
  3. I know this has nothing to do with the original post but I just couldn't resists. This gig video is simply awesome!!
  4. By the looks of it India seem to struggle the most recently from the pandemic. Stay safe.
  5. Well quite similar here in Sri Lanka as well despite the lower death rate, large number of people are being infected daily. Government is reluctant of imposing lockdowns coz of the economic crisis we are in. Police is killing people undercover of Covid. New delta variant seem to spread increasingly as the hospitals struggle to cope up with the pacients count. It's all bananas here!!
  6. Just out of curiosity, since your sales have dropped due to pricing, will you consider lowering it again?
  7. Canceled orders will affect the order completion rate. A bad review will affect a seller’s overall rating. The order completion rate will recover as you complete more orders and even if you don’t it will go back to its original state after 60 days. But a bad review will be a permanent hit on your profile. So any given day I would cancel an order rather than taking a negative review considering the order value and time spent on it.
  8. So with the new Fiverr mobile update I could see buyers review before hand I could rate him. Checked on PC but no,it didn’t came up on PC version. Is this a glitch or anyone else experienced the same? IMG_20210123_072511_470480×922 39.9 KB
  9. I am just staggered to here someone with 3000+ reviews on their profile and being selling on this platform from since 2014 is asking the questions you are asking right now. You have good number of reviews from last week and your recent delivery is a couple of hours ago. Since this is being the holiday season and all you might not be getting new buyers, mostly because people are just busy. But you are already doing pretty well IMO.
  10. No offense but you need to read ToS before misleading people. Doing this will cause a warning issued to OPs account or maybe permanently banned. DON’T DO THIS!!
  11. Yep. Once you are making purchases a option will popup asking you to pay using Fiverr balance.
  12. You can make purchases using your Fiverr balance. To make it clear, you can only make purchases using the funds which were cleared to your account. If you have cleared funds showing in your account no need to claim or use PP to make purchases.
  13. Written reviews should be at least 10 words so your buyer filled in the remaining characters by typing “minimum of ten characters”. Dunno whether period/full stop count as a character in a review.
  14. ‘Paranormal Activity 2007’. When I first watched the movie, I was 11 and had to watch Disney movies for the next couple of days to bring back my self together lol.
  15. You can. I once watched a YouTube video of this guy who used to draw illustrations and sent a pic of the drawing to ones who ordered from him on Fiverr. His channel goes as ‘Ten Hundred’. His style was pretty cool and he was hitting good number of sales too. Not to mention he is kinda famous nd he set is prices very low. Probably for fun nd video was certainly a lot of fun to watch.
  16. Read the rules and obey them, simple as that. There are lots of sellers in this market place who have been doing business for years, and been successfully doing that. So if someone follow the rules they can survive I guess.
  17. An a Fiverr account will be banned either up on getting three warnings or been issued with the same warning twise for breaking laws. In some cases Fiverr may ban someone’s account issuing a single warning based upon the severity of the warning.
  18. May be your buyer is busy so once you have delivered, don’t try and contact your buyer. Leave it be. Write down anything specific you might want your buyer to know, by the time of delivering. Sending messages after delivery can be marked as spam which might lead to a warning!!! After three days of delivering order will be automatically marked as complete and funds will be cleared to your account.
  19. Screen dump710×468 42.5 KBI once had to face a similar sort of a incident and this is what the customer support agent stated. I shared a screenshot of the work sample and the conversation had with the buyer (in order to prove that, I have the approval from the buyer to remove the work sample) and customer support removed the work sample I requested them to do so.
  20. I found it really helpful. That’s maybe partly because of I am a designer. Buyers can directly tap on the design (image) and ask me to modify a particular part or a object in the image. Even better, we can chat about the modifications all within this tool. So I found it extremely helpful!
  21. Yes, You can compress the delivery as a zip file and deliver them so it won’t show up in your portfolio. Before delivering, turn the live portfolio off (what you are referring above) so the work samples won’t show up on your portfolio. You can turn the live portfolio on after the delivery. Both of these ways will help you manage your work samples.
  22. Welcome!! We are glad to have you here. Start things off by reading ToS so you know how things work on Fiverr. BTW you got a cool drawing style. GG’s
  23. To keep the response rate healthy, you must try and respond to each new inquiry you get from Fiverr preferably within 24hrs.This does not count for any older messages you have already replied for. In order to retrieve the response rate, try and respond to any new inquiries you get in future, as soon as possible! First, start off with responding to the message you have already got from your custom offering. Or else rate will keep on dropping. I’m not quite sure how does response rate effect the algorithm. GG’s man.
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