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  1. Dear All, Greetings, Is there any timeline for the revision period?. What is the rules?. Thank you Regards Manabendra
  2. Hello everyone, My client is changing his/her mind continuesly and asking for revision though he/she liked the design before delivery. Does revision period effect on my delivery time? And should i do? Thank you all Regards, Manbendra
  3. My Client Could Not Download Delivery Zip file From fiverr. May I share the zip file with Google Drive? (My file size is 1.6gb. After compress the file size is 600mb). Thank you
  4. Dear all, Hope everyone is safe. What is the present situation of Covid near you? What is Vaccination Status? If yes which vaccine is being used? In my location (Dhaka, BD) Lockdown/shutdoun is going on. Vaccination process is going on. Vaccine Useing 1. Sinopharm 2. Pfizer–BioNTech 3. Covishield Share your one. Thank you
  5. I will try. I watched it earler. Please tell the actual matter
  6. Youtube video... Please clear that. Thank you
  7. Greetings All, Please clear me about sending a buyer request. Is this helpful to a buyer request if there already send 100 plus request? I hear that buyer can see only first 50 request. Thank you, Regards Manabendra
  8. Greetings, Dear all, Please help me following... 1. If i edit/delete a gig, and recreate a new gig, does it impect on other gig? 2. If i edit a gig , does it impact on its impression. Thank you, Regards Manabendra
  9. Greetings, Last Night I updated/edited one of my new gig title’s SEO. Since then, Fiverr showing 10 active buyer requests but no request is below. Please help on this issue Regards, Manabendra
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