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  1. Now i decide that i will take a new Connection, i mean there will be a new connection and new PC. And all the information will be different. But my wife want to sell same service. Is there any risk?
  2. Are you 100% sure? I would hate to risk it. Plus having an additional IP address make it more costly. I can take another IP address , i mean another Connection for my another PC. But i think they will give me a share IP . So what can i do for it?
  3. If i use totally differenct IP address and different information , then there will have any Risk for me?
  4. Hello< I am Shajal, A level two seller in Fiverr as a Graphics Designer. My wife is also a graphics designer. So now i want to Create a account for my wife from a different computer with the same WIFI. Can i do it without any problem of my Level TWO account…? Can i do this?
  5. Hi, I am Shajal. I am a Level One seller in fiverr . I will looking for improve my selling opportunity. Mainly i works for “Youtube Thumbnails” My Gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/NelmxG
  6. I am also looking for suggestion for getting orders. Following
  7. First of all you need to research a lot about Fiverr and your related works. Then you need to create your gigs by researching more than 50 gigs. Then you can get a good idea for which gigs will be more effective for you. I hope then its help you to get more orders and be a Successfull Sellers. Thanks
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