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  1. I wish if could use PayPal, but i use Payoneer right now 😂
  2. I think my average selling price is $150 @designer_akash3
  3. No! I think it will be great if there any order ongoing on this gig.
  4. Hi, I'm Bashar Bhuiyan. I'm a level 2 seller since 2020, but it's still doesn't come to the top-rated badge. is there any chance to get the top-rated badge! it would be very helpful. Thank you! Bashar.
  5. Thank you so much bro. have a good day !
  6. downloaded ! will read, thank you.
  7. But unfortunately I just edit few tag, and also then i write down this tag again , is that any problem ?
  8. Stay Active, and advertise on social media. hope it will help you to improve your impressions.
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