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  1. Hi, Welcome to Fiverr forum! If you have created your gig few days before, then I would suggest you to wait a little bit. The first order takes time to come. In the meantime, you can send buyer requests(available 10 each day) You can promote your gig on facebook groups. And, open fiverr regularly. It will send signal to fiverr algorithm that this account is active everyday.(this is important)Do not wait for your e-mail notification.Never do that. Have access to fiverr all the time. They have fiverr apps. You can easily access from phone,when you are unavailable on desktop. And last thing, wait! have patience 🙂 I have waited almost 1 month to receive my first order. And now I am 85 days on fiverr, Level 1 seller 🙂 with only 1 gig. completed 98 orders,2 cancelled, 1 cancellation coming on my way, buyer is vanished (lol) Enjoy Fiverr,Love Fiverr. Don’t get frustrated over small things. You will rock soon! Best of luck. SKyLantern <3
  2. There is a “bias”, yes, but it is based upon seller levels. The higher your seller level, the less restrictions there are on orders in queue that are gained from the search results. If a Level 1 seller has, say 17 orders, this would likely be due to them bringing in their own customers from outside Fiverr – because, I know for a fact that if a Level 1 seller has 17 orders, their gig is likely to have been temporarily removed from the search results. Seventeen orders in queue is well above the Level 1 search system order queue restriction. Thank you for the insights 😃
  3. Perhaps this is intended by Fiverr, so that new sellers, or sellers at lower seller levels, learn to better manage the orders they do have. Do you really need more than seven orders in your queue? Complete and deliver the orders you do have, and you’ll have the ability to gain more from the search system. Yes, I can totally handle more than 7 orders, but it’s okay if Fiverr takes more time to put their faith on me.
  4. Yes, I am sure about that. I have only 1 gig at the moment, and the “limit queue” option is off. I am at 0 level so this is happening to me according to Fiverr CS. I will not face this option after I reach Level 2. I don’t know whether this is true or not, I have to experience on my own. As soon as I get 7 orders in queue , gig stops displaying. otherwise it is always on first page of my category.
  5. Actually, this is not new. I asked CS about this roughly 12 months ago when the new levels system went into effect. I was asked not to discuss the specifics that I was told, but yes, gigs do disappear from search results at certain “orders in queue” amounts, depending upon your seller level. I have seen and confirmed this personally as I have worked at various seller levels. “New Seller” and “Level One” have these queue restrictions in place. “Level Two” sellers appear to have no such queue restrictions. Please keep in mind, though, no matter what seller level you have, you should not be putting all your sales hopes on gig search results. Fiverr CS has stated this many times (to many people who have asked): You should be marketing and promoting your gigs on your own to bring in more customers. There are no sales or traffic guarantees here on Fiverr, but you can control traffic and sales by working hard to market and promote your services. This is a separate user-initiated feature, and is not related to the above queue restrictions. Are these examples from “Level Two” or “TRS” sellers? 😉 So, this thing happening to me right now. I am a new seller, spent 60 days, met all the requirements to become level 1, and waiting for my promotion which will come around 15th May 2019. Currently, I have 7 orders in que. and suddenly my gig disappeared from search results, contacted CS, the CS person was nice and answer exactly what you said here. But as I see so many bad reviews about Fiverr CS, I didn’t believe them,and desperately frustrating myself over this.But now,I see they are true. Thank you. I hope after I finish all my orders, my gig will be back on fiverr’s search results.
  6. Yes, I am on the first page,but last week I was on the first row, now I am on the middle row or last row something. WHy that happened, can you tell me?
  7. And I got this order last week., when my order flow was fine.
  8. Yes, I have 1 order going on right now. This is a long project, so it will take a bit time to complete. Due in 5days. Apart from that, no order at all.
  9. Hello my fellow fiverr sellers, I am sky lantern and new to fiverr. This is my profile link : https://www.fiverr.com/skylantern_kol I am here on fiverr for 40days. As you can see, I have only 1 gig ATM. Few days before, I was getting orders everyday,(I was so happy!)my gig views were 36/25 etc, conversion 25% All of a sudden, my gig views dropped at 8-16 and absolutely no new order from past few days. What is wrong,can you all please help? I want to edit my gig, can I do that? may be change some tags, descriptions etc. WIll that help? Thank you in advance. Sky Lantern.
  10. I got one so far! And, one client is talking about a project, let’s see. I am here for only one month though. Exact 37days.
  11. Hello, Welcome to Fiverr. I am also new here, and looking for tips to improve my gigs. I have opened my fiverr profile and created my first gig on 28th feb 2019. Till now, I have only received 16 orders. But, now I see you have received only 1! I don’t know which one is more bad, but in my understanding, you have to find specific keywords and add those tags while creating the gigs. You also have to be very specific, while choosing gig titles.They have to be keyword centric. Rest,I am still discovering. Keep growing on fiverr. Sky Lantern.
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