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  1. first of all, Welcome 🙂 second, maybe no one response because no one know the answerd for your question or maybe you question something it was inside of TO DO’S stuff
  2. You’re welcome, and thank you for your kind compliments. I’m glad to hear that my comments, here on the forum, have been helpful to you. 🙂 not just too me, i know already 20 or more artis on venezuela who read you some time, and they know you are very helpfull… (and thats only people i know,probably many people on the forum feel gld with your help)
  3. Actually, this is not new. I asked CS about this roughly 12 months ago when the new levels system went into effect. I was asked not to discuss the specifics that I was told, but yes, gigs do disappear from search results at certain “orders in queue” amounts, depending upon your seller level. I have seen and confirmed this personally as I have worked at various seller levels. “New Seller” and “Level One” have these queue restrictions in place. “Level Two” sellers appear to have no such queue restrictions. Please keep in mind, though, no matter what seller level you have, you should not be putting all your sales hopes on gig search results. Fiverr CS has stated this many times (to many people who have asked): You should be marketing and promoting your gigs on your own to bring in more customers. There are no sales or traffic guarantees here on Fiverr, but you can control traffic and sales by working hard to market and promote your services. This is a separate user-initiated feature, and is not related to the above queue restrictions. Are these examples from “Level Two” or “TRS” sellers? 😉 @jonbaas i dont know you, i dont know where you are, or your age, or anything, but i know something, i have a lot of friends working on fiverr, they sell and provide many many different services, they told me to start here, i’m literally a forum adict so i read many stuff here… so one thing its clear, you are the number One forum user… all things i read from you, here from 2 or more years ago are lovely and kind, and you always help people, i just need you know something. Thank you for all your help, you are a greatfull human been, thanks (sorry about my english xD im still learning)
  4. no, xD i click even if the client dont give me nothing, because when this happen i put a picture withe background and Black lettering saying “please send me intructions and stay alert for any correction, click here n blahblahblah… corretion button can be use like, blah blah blah” 🙂 i see this advice in a Youtube video tutorial many many time ago for Work’’'ana
  5. The common recomendation its chat with clients before Deliver anything until they appear? xD explain this, because i can click on the buttom “i have everything i need” and deliver what i think its the best for the client, and thats how i do it (but almost all my clients chat before order)
  6. Hey, you are on Fiverr, not on Up*work, all you need to sell its create an account and make a good marketing of your services, forgot about the Bachelor’s or anything else, this is a competition
  7. delete your message, and writte to support explaining all situation, because they need to know it before the Automatic System detect it… 😦 this is a pretty bad situation
  8. I don’t think you read what @jonbaas said carefully. He is only saying that new sellers/unleveled sellers can see much lesser buyer requests (BRs) than level 1 sellers. This is absolutely true. I am sure several other sellers (who are at least level 1) can vouch for that, too. He never said new sellers cannot/are not allowed to respond to buyer requests. In fact, he didn’t mention anything about sellers’ ability to respond to BRs. oh, my bad, i missunderstand him 😦 im really sorry mister @jonbaas i was thinking you talk about the tickets and stuff
  9. disagree, you can send Buyer request always until you dont have less than 4.5 rank , so, you just need to check time to time the buyer request on “more” and sometimes you will see people searching for your services (but its a battle with all fiverr users)
  10. dont worry, be happy, the level program its a 60 days system n.n
  11. they say you make many thinks wrong on fiverr xD… pray for not be dissable, be more carefully on fiverr, read TOS
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