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  1. Officially you get buyer only from buyer request its miner possible on fiverr community but unofficially you get from from everywhere like you can generate your profile link and paste on website or you make simple video and upload and youtube and add reference link in Description or lot of option available but if you thought about Officially its only Buyer Request
  2. just use your common sense if you realize work is less and price is to much high that's mean its spam request , if someone use link and saying i will pay 1000$ i want same like logo, web etc then you can use your own common sense its spam or not
  3. stay online always ( This is False news ) and no guarantee they will give you more orders Agree With you ! Stay Maximum Active on Fiverr and in Community ( This is True ) mostly buyer more preferred active seller in searching category this is mean reason why we are say to new seller active maximum time on fiverr nothing more !
  4. I have one question my govt Approach me To use vaccination But if you thought about how much vaccines help protect me from COVID-19? so they will just said to me currently, there is no evidence that any existing vaccines will protect against COVID-19.
  5. There is no such thing as rank in the Fiverr search results, therefore, there is no such thing as “deranking”. Your gig location will fluctuate in the results – automatically – based upon success and competition. Fiverr is not intentionally doing anything to hurt you or your success.
  6. Services that Infringe third parties’ Terms Of Service We do not allow the infringement of third parties’ terms of service on Fiverr. As a valued member of the Fiverr community, we ask you to respect the broader Internet community and refrain from such violations in your Gig offerings. Gigs that will be flagged for violations of third parties terms of service will be removed from the marketplace.
  7. When you upload an image on Fiverr, you can see the following in gig gallery. It clearly mentions that the minimum size should be 550 pixels by 370 pixels. Keep in mind that the image is the first thing that buyers will see. I can guarantee that the gig image is paramount for your success.
  8. Video Call Availability ! Fiverr Business and VID buyers can initiate a video call, before or after placing an order, from the inbox or Order page. PRO sellers can initiate a video call after placing an order from the Order page only. All other sellers, with a Gig in one of the sub-categories below, can initiate a video call after placing an order from the Order page only
  9. Welcome To Fiverr Community ❤
  10. i'm asking just for my personal knowledge 🙂
  11. Can you Share Points System info For example someone Post (5 Points) Like (1 Point) Can you Provide Complete info of points?
  12. Top 10 Tips for New Fiverr Sellers Best Tips For New Seller :)
  13. Tips ! Use Buyer Requests Active ( Active mean Try to Online Maximum Time They will not give more orders but mostly people during search its preferred Online status People That's it) Provide Quality Services Try to Share in Social Media Related to your Service Groups
  14. This is Just Tips i'm already mention in above message Fiverr Search Result Algorithm is different
  15. Actually Today i saw on fiverr Analytics page i have done 250 Review With 5.0 Star rating 🙂
  16. Notes: Once an order is delivered, you will receive a notification within the site or an email with a direct link to the order. Providing feedback on a delivered order will complete the order. After you leave feedback, you cannot edit or remove it. Feedback can't be added to cancelled orders.
  17. Just Send one Message (its Against Fiverr Policy we can not share Personal information in communication you can share all detail here)
  18. First of All Fiverr Search Result Algorithm is different but i'm sharing you some tip they will help Active Perfect Include Tag Attract Thumbnail (if you use video so must select best preview thumbnail) Q/A Include in Gig Perfect Title This is Just Tips You can focus and increase gig rank 🙂
  19. Fiverr Choice Means Fiverr Choice When Fiverr realize this perfect then he give bade of fiverr choice you cannot choice individual
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