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  1. Anyone who have noticed anything up compared to earlier? I have lost my positions in the search every now and then but I manage to regain it either after a couple days or weeks, but I don't seem to land any orders even if my impressions and clicks got a slight upward tendence.
  2. I had a question for you Donnovan, are your gigs visible on the search and getting impressions but no orders or you can locate them?
  3. Unfortunately for me it wasn't a brief to make an offer, but they directly ordered and canceled after 5 hours, CS said it won't affect me and it actually isn't in my order completion ratio, but is it affecting me on the BSR? Only God knows..
  4. I just received an order this morning and after 5 hours in, the buyer requested to cancel "A new buyer on the platform" and this was their request.... "i saw your ads and thought you could do a great project and bought a package straight away. after communicating with my team, a sense of disapproval was set on the air due to money wasting and etc." now tell me how am I supposed to get over these cancelations and gain my exposure back, I have had 2/3 cancelations for the past 4 months with the same excuse. do you think this will still be impacting or it is just for secret reviews?
  5. So two things, first..we know it's not forever, two.. it might take us a year to improve the BSR and finally get back to the spot, I honestly don't think this is fair!!
  6. Do you think the window that affects us is 90 days?
  7. I am a TRS myself since 2018 and things have been really great for me even since, until around end of January 2023, I noticed that orders stopped coming the way they used to, I've been in the decline until now, but I do think that I actually know why thanks to @frank_d post, I have canceled two orders from first time buyers, which wasn't my fault and CS took care of it as it doesn't affect my metrics, I also had two or three reviews that were 3.7 stars or so. I just contacted a SM for my first time to know how my internal BSR ratio is doing to see if it's due to that or something else that is impacting all of us by mistake. by the way, thanks to advices from frank, I became a top rated seller! he is a really great person!
  8. Who? Me? Never. 🙂 Do you still think Fiverr only asks people to verify their ID if they suspect a ToS violation? :rofl: No not really, it’s just because I saw in another thread “13 hours ago” that the user’s account was restricted due to failure to verify and it turned to be that, that user has another account that was banned months ago.
  9. Just by curiosity, did you have any previous accounts before the current one ?!
  10. After like 10 minutes it returned to normal, I think there were a glitch somewhere cause neither the app or the site were working!! and when I check my email there is nothing in it…
  11. That’s right. 🙂 Apparently, Fiverr has been experimenting with this ID verification thing since early 2018 (as far as I know). They even did a beta test of the ID verification process in 2018… I think in May 2018? So, yeah, I think they’re slowly rolling it out to everyone. Taken from Fiverr’s seller help center: “Routinely ask that sellers verify their identity” makes me think they are planning on doing it in small batches at a time instead of asking everyone to do it all at once. Here’s an email from a Fiverr CS rep. from May 2018 (during the beta-testing of the Fiverr ID verification): This may or may not still hold true in 2019. IDK :man_shrugging: It would a lot easier for them to review the documents if they’re doing it manually, so as to avoid lots of accounts being suspended, I have received an email back in october on my phone saying “activate account” can I inbox you so I can send you the screenshot and get further informations if you have any Idea what’s that ?!
  12. So this process to verify the ID is for everyone using the platform and it doesn’t mean that you did something wrong at any point right ? I suppose everyone will go through it now or later ? cause I’ve performing on the platform for a year and ever encountred such things, correct me if I’m wrong!
  13. I’m glad to hear that. Like I mentioned in the original post, all sellers, upon receiving the notification to verify their ID, are directed to the same link. It is only after you login with your Fiverr ID/pw that it takes you to a unique, secure page to upload your documents. what if I’m using my google acc or facebook to access fiverr ?
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