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  1. @thushanxeno great thoughts! thanks for sharing 💯
  2. LOVE this update! Very cool 😄
  3. @diniluck welcome!! Regarding your offer description, I recommend checking out the other seller’s gigs in your industry to see what they list in their gig descriptions. What are the people who are doing really well listing? Can you do something similar and unique within your own gig so that you stand out and highlight what you do best? I hope that’s helpful to you! Best of luck! 🙌
  4. hey @arifurrahman1bd welcome to the platform!! My best advice from you is to check out other gigs in your field that are doing really well and compare your gig to theirs. How does your pricing and offering compare? That way you will know how to best position yourself on Fiverr to potential customers. Best of luck to you! :hugs:
  5. CONGRATULATIONS @kayashossain ! That is awesome news! 👏
  6. hey @areeb_hashir - congrats on getting your first order! Like someone else’s comment mentioned, gig positions rotate and change position over time. I don’t have a solution for you but I know that if you keep improving your gig, sharing your gig on your social media and website, and continue to drive traffic to your page, it will positively help you with your position on the search queries. Best of luck to you! 👌
  7. yes!!! You can share your gig on your website and you definitely should! That is a great way to drive traffic to your fiverr gig. 💥
  8. AMAZING! Thank you for sharing! @mjensen415! 📖
  9. Thank you so much for your time and support @socialhonor! Great suggestion 😊
  10. Hey @looseink / thanks for your comment. I was just looking for a little positive support from my Fiverr community as I was feeling a little bit badly. I appreciate your time responding.
  11. Thanks so much for the comment and help ❤️ Much appreciated! @rosebarlow
  12. thanks for the response @joshua_babs! As per others advice, I am not going to do anything moving forward, I ertainly do not want to violate Fiverr terms of service. Thanks again
  13. It’s still risky, because it’s not allowed to make buyers feel bad about the rating they gave. good point @catwriter, I definitely have no intention of making them feel bad so the best thing to do is probably to forget about it and move on! Thanks again
  14. @enunciator thanks so much for your input. I know 4.7 isn’t bad and I probably shouldn’t be upset about it especially considering what you’ve said. You’re definitely right, it’s not worth risking a warning from Fiverr. Thanks again!
  15. It’s not allowed to ask for or about reviews, even if you don’t mention the word review. You could get an account warning for that. hi @catwriter! Thanks for your response! I wouldn’t be asking for a review, I know that is against community guidelines. I was just thinking of asking her how I might improve for next time or future orders.
  16. Hi everyone! I’m feeling a bit badly about a review on my last order. The order went great, the buyer and I had great conversation before the order. I delivered her order early and she even left me a big tip! YAY! The only problem is that on her very kind and detailed review, she left 4.7 stars. Of course I am very grateful to her for the business, tip, and positive review, but I do still feel a bit badly about the 4.7 stars. I’m thinking about messaging her and asking how I might improve for next time, do you all think that’s a good idea? Thanks so much for your support and opinions here!
  17. Hi @umer_ceo welcome to Fiverr! Once you’ve received payment for an order 💸, Fiverr will take some time to process the funds. Once they are processed you are able to withdraw them. There is a lot of information online and on Fiverr about exactly how long it takes for funds to process if you want to know the specific amount of time. Again, welcome! Wishing you lots of success! 👍
  18. hey @shohagsheqder! That is frustrating. I usually deliver the work even if the buyer doesn’t answer. If you have something to deliver at this point, I would probably deliver it just to avoid adding any more late days to your profile. 👍
  19. hey @abdheshkjha - echoing the other comment, I don’t think there’s a way to do a voice call with clients on Fiverr. I do understand your struggle though, and when I feel like there is a miscommunication going on or am getting nervous that the buyer is not understanding what they are really asking for is to use examples. I am a musician so I will send them some video links of similar works or samples to hopefully clear up the misunderstanding. Good luck! 👍
  20. @serrakizilkaya great question - I am luck enough to love what I do, so my motivation really comes from wanting to build a better life for myself around what I love. How about you? What is your motivation to get up and go every morning? :sun_behind_small_cloud:
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