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  1. @thushanxeno great thoughts! thanks for sharing 💯
  2. LOVE this update! Very cool 😄
  3. @diniluck welcome!! Regarding your offer description, I recommend checking out the other seller’s gigs in your industry to see what they list in their gig descriptions. What are the people who are doing really well listing? Can you do something similar and unique within your own gig so that you stand out and highlight what you do best? I hope that’s helpful to you! Best of luck! 🙌
  4. hey @arifurrahman1bd welcome to the platform!! My best advice from you is to check out other gigs in your field that are doing really well and compare your gig to theirs. How does your pricing and offering compare? That way you will know how to best position yourself on Fiverr to potential customers. Best of luck to you! :hugs:
  5. CONGRATULATIONS @kayashossain ! That is awesome news! 👏
  6. hey @areeb_hashir - congrats on getting your first order! Like someone else’s comment mentioned, gig positions rotate and change position over time. I don’t have a solution for you but I know that if you keep improving your gig, sharing your gig on your social media and website, and continue to drive traffic to your page, it will positively help you with your position on the search queries. Best of luck to you! 👌
  7. yes!!! You can share your gig on your website and you definitely should! That is a great way to drive traffic to your fiverr gig. 💥
  8. AMAZING! Thank you for sharing! @mjensen415! 📖
  9. Thank you so much for your time and support @socialhonor! Great suggestion 😊
  10. Hey @looseink / thanks for your comment. I was just looking for a little positive support from my Fiverr community as I was feeling a little bit badly. I appreciate your time responding.
  11. Thanks so much for the comment and help ❤️ Much appreciated! @rosebarlow
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