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  1. Hey Sierra, Welcome to the fiverr community
  2. I think fiverr should stop putting any gig on front page. The platform should be redesigned so that everyone should be bidding for projects.
  3. Yes. You should. Even though we reside in different country but from my experience, I think you should be able to sell your PayPal funds to exchanger in your country.
  4. You can only promote gigs if you are qualified to do so.
  5. Congratulations sister. More achievements coming your way!
  6. Check from time to time. Once so many sellers fill the request, it will disappear
  7. Congratulations. More success coming your way. Keep pushing
  8. Quite insightful. You can use the period to work on yourself. Learn new things to be more professional.
  9. Join groups on Facebook. You can post your gig there. You don’t need to post all the time, share valuable contents, people will check your profile and that will lead them to your fiverr account
  10. Every fiverr category has top rated seller. To be a top rated seller on fiverr, you must have earned over 20k$. I think that answers your question. Every service sells well. Just be a professional and satisfy your client. The sky will be the starting point.
  11. There’s no way you can send private message to buyers. Just fill the buyer request and the buyer will contact you if s/he interested in your service
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