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  1. You can always contact Fiverr’s customer support in case of doubts like this, but from what I understand, you only need to upload the page/side which has your photo/picture. Thanks buddy for insight.
  2. Do we have to upload both sides in a single document or separately please someone enlighten me about ID card.
  3. @waniamemon According to the forum’s rules and guidelines, the forum’s default language is English. Therefore, it would be appreciated if you could kindly post your messages in English. Alternatively, if you still wish to continue posting messages in your language of choice, you can continue to do so IF you also provide an English translation along with your posts (you could just use google translate if you find it easier). Thanks! that was just a one message word reply. I hope you can ignore those long message to bash someone openly. Would agree with your thoughts and rules but learn to ignore might help you in life. PEACE.
  4. We are just one hour ahead , thanks for the tip btw. Shukriya.
  5. Hey Everyone, I have been checking buyer requests every day but couldn’t find single one. I work on SEO niche & the last time I got was 1.5month ago. Is it normal or my account got some issues? can ya’ll share your experience about buyer request and what time do you suggest to check them.
  6. Your profile is hidden how else we would contact ya?
  7. To be honest, I’ve been here on Fiverr for around a year and i could say I’ve learn many things. Though I haven’t earned too well, I was away most of the time, checking my gigs analytics between time to time, then my teachers told me strategies to get orders and how to maintain gig and it works! its been a month I’ve completed 10 orders and more than 100$. The key to success is to be patience and determine 🙂 Would like to hear from y’all about your stories!
  8. thats some detail article with great knowledge.
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