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  1. Hi guys, they didn’t give me the money back, they said it was out of their hands and that the money wasn’t on Fiverr.
  2. Thank you so much, that’s exactly what I did, I contacted CS and sent the screenshot of my delivery and her 5 stars review, Fiverr send me an email saying the reason why the order was cancelled was because I missed my delivery due date of Apr 02, 2019, that’s not even true!!! I delivered on March 30th!! Anyway I attached all the screenshots in the Costumer Support Request
  3. An user (not going to say her name because of Privacy reasons) requested me to create a PowerPoint presentation 2 weeks ago for a lot of money, it was a huge work and I completed it without any issue nor problem, a few days ago the payment appeared on my balance, however, 6 hours ago it apperars to me that the order was canceled, how can this happen if it had already been completed? In fact she even wrote me a 5 stars review, I tried to contact her but it says she can no longer be contacted, I don’t know if she closed her account or blocked me. The only thing I know is that it was a very hard work and that I need the money back. Fiverr has been such a blessing and growth opportunities for me and my family. It truly is the best thing that has ever happened to us and I couldn’t be more grateful. What should I do???
  4. Umm, no I just searched and I didn’t find that requirement, and even if there was that requirement. I was a Level 1 Seller months ago for 2 months exactly haha
  5. Hi there! I think this is my first topic ever on Fiverr Forum (sorry for my bad english) So, the thing is, I’m currently a non-level seller here in the platform, but this month I’ve finally accomplished everything I need to get to Level 2 (A huge YAY! for that) So, my question is: am I going to be a Level 2 Seller by the time evaluation finishes? Or am I being promoted to just Level 1? I’ve worked so hard this year (I’m also celebrating my first year on Fiverr 😃) Thanks! x
  6. Can someone please let me know if the Surface Laptop 2 is a good choice? I’ve been saving for so long, what would you recommend for that price range? ($1200 - $1500) I mainly create presentations, video ads and flyers (a lot of Photoshop) Thanks! x
  7. I’m 16 and in Fiverr’s Terms of Service specifies I need to be 13 or older to work here, it’s been such a blessing for me and my family. The thing is I used to withdraw my funds to PayPal, but my account there isn’t verificated. Now I realize I’ve reached the top and can’t receive money via PayPal because of my status there. Well my sales have increased a lot so I really have a big income and amount to withdraw, can I use my dad’s card to withdraw all my incomes? If not then I’ll have to see how to fix the PayPal’s issue but will be way too hard and I need to use the money so soon. *I forgot to say I don’t live on the U.S but in Venezuela. *I’ve been working on Fiverr since January this year
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