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  1. I have been earlier demoted from level 1 seller to new seller. But in that span of time, I have completed all the requirements to become a Level 2 seller. So my question to you guys is can I jump to Level 2 seller from new seller if all requirements are met? I was checking out https://www.fiverr.com/levels, and found that there is no such requirement required for a level 2 seller to necessarily be a level 1.
  2. These are some great updates. Kudos to the team. But the review system should not be blind. In most cases the seller misunderstoods the work and gives a less of feedback. I that case a seller should be able to explain the issues happen in his feedback too.
  3. I know Fiverr ask you to engage in forums. It is good, but please post something insightful. How can you help someone to rank, when you don’t have any single sales since last 3 months?
  4. If you have edited the Fiverr removes you from the search for 12-48 hours. If this is not the case, you can contact their seller support. It has happened with me many times and they were always helpful.
  5. I don’t thing there are problems with Fiverr support. I have contacted them three times last week and each of my query was solved successfully by the support.
  6. Hi, I Am Prashant Chamoli, a web designer/developer and internet marketer based in a beautiful valley called Dehradun located in foothills of Mussoorie Uttarakhand, India. I am a full-time Web developer and Internet marketer. I recently started working seriously on Fiverr. It has been around 40 days today from the day I created my first gig. I created my account on 2016 but till last 40 days, I was using that as a Fiverr buyer. I planned to start providing my services on Fiverr in May this year. I was working on other freelancing platforms earlier, but I was fed up with applying for the jobs on the bidding websites and was forced to undersell my service because of the competition there. I started working on Fiverr this time with a vision, quality, and more experience. Till now it has been a tremendous experience. I made over $1200 and became level 1 seller too. One of the best thing about Fiverr is their seller support. Despite being buyer-centric, Fiverr focusses on sorting out the problem of their sellers too. Their response is fast and to the point. The platform is transparent and not biased. Here are some of the tips that helped me to get successful on fiverr: Don’t Just jump into writing Gigs, Research first: Many of the new sellers doesn’t do research at all and jump directly into writing their gig. In my case, before I wrote my gig I did a thorough research on the niche I was providing services in. I researched gig titles, gig tags, and even the gig description. Keeping all those in mind I started drafting my gig 2.Optimize Gig title: Gig title plays an important role for you to get found on Fiverr. It is just like SEO, the only difference is that here Fiverr is acting as the Google of gigs. Optimize your title with the keywords which best describes your service. For example; I will create a Flat Logo design, I will create a pixel-perfect WordPress website etc. Here Logo design and Wordpress website are the keywords targeting logo design and WordPress niche. 3.Don’t edit your Gig too often: I will suggest you not to publish your gig until you are all sure of that everything you drafted is correct and portrays your service. As once a gig is published and edited again removes you off the search for a minimum of 12 hours. 4.Respond to each and every message: Respond to each message, even those which don’t deserve your attention too. Try to maintain your response rate greater than 96% and response time less than 4 hours. 5.Provide good quality rather than quantity: A good quality work is always appreciated, a quantity work with no quality is worthless and can lead to an unhappy buyer. 6.Avoid using videos with poor voice-over or animation: It has been proved that videos lead to 40% more engagement on gigs, but a bad video could literally change the mind of the potential buyer. In my opinion, use a good image for first few orders and then jump to adding video.These are all suggestions I have for all the new sellers out here on Fiverr. Hope this will help. These suggestions are based on my experience with Fiverr. Please respond to the post if you have more suggestions that can help the community of sellers out here. Thanks for Reading.
  7. Hi There, Yes it does effect you gig. A minor update on your gig can remove you from search for 12-48 hours. I have personally experienced this and confirmed with customer support. I will suggest you to come up with a good gig copy, pricing and requirement at once. Though, there is no limit on editing gig, but it certainly removes you from search for minimum 12 hours.
  8. I will suggest you to be online as often as possible. Be available now sometimes. And share your gigs as much as possible. It helped me a lot.
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