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  1. I have 15k and are next to those with 2-3 on page 6. Very difficult to understand. For almost 2 years now I try to bring it back to the first page, without any results, although I have 100-150 orders every 30 days. Did you edited your gigs when you were on the first page? I kinda experienced the same thing recently! Went from first page to 7-8
  2. This is literally the same problem I see when I update my gigs. I’ve also experienced creating a new gig effects the sales of my old gigs that are performing well so I try not to edit gigs often.
  3. This is the same thing I’m dealing with right now. It’s been a month since I was promoted to level 2 and no orders at all.
  4. There are many authentic ways to promote your services on the internet. I can see people just copy pasting their profile links everywhere. Check the official fiverr twitter account, you can see random links in comments and same on other social media sites. If you want to promote your gigs try to create an interesting content around it. You should be using your social accounts as your brand. If your every single post or comment is some link to your profile no one will take it seriously.
  5. Don’t edit gigs if it’s getting orders. I’ve experienced this in past, it suddenly stops the impressions and orders you get. I don’t know much about the algorithms but when ever I’d edited a gig it just stops the orders right there. Right now I’ve 6 gigs live and only one of them is getting me orders and I’ve no plans to edit it.
  6. That’s actually correct! I can also see so many similar topics like just getting first order etc. But I guess now there is a separate section for those kind of posts.
  7. As a new seller you should send buyer requests as much as possible that is the best way to earn impressions and clicks to your gig.
  8. I’m in the same situation as well, I’ve never ever seen the “buyer request” section empty but yesterday when I got demoted there is nothing. Although I don’t think badge has anything to do with your sales and I’ve got every single order by submitting proposals to buyers.
  9. Do anyone have the answers, why there are zero buyer request? I’ve never seen this section empty ever. Is it because I got demoted yesterday and have no badge!
  10. If your title is unique it will appear easily when you search. There are hundreds of sellers are using same keyword so it will be difficult as a new seller to just popup your gig when you search it.
  11. As soon as you complete 10 orders you will be a level one seller.
  12. Hello and welcome. Hope you will find so many interesting projects here…
  13. 4.7 is still not a bad review focus on upcoming projects.
  14. Go to analytics of your account, there must be a reason behind it.
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