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  1. Hello forum, How are you all? I heard that in fiverr “verified facebook business manager service” is not allowed and if someone open gig then fiverr banned that account. anybody pleae tell me that is this correct or not ? and is it allowed to open this service gig in fiverr or not?
  2. keep deep patience.and stay active and skilled.success will be yours.
  3. welcome to fiverr. to promote your gig share them in social media as much as you can.
  4. improve your gig quality and send professional buyer request.
  5. one unique idea to get fast order is,open gig in the new categories where there is less seller so there you can get a huge potentiality to get fast order. but surely first develop your skill in that category.
  6. in the buyer request, first of all you will read the clients project description then if you can do the job perfectly for the client then write a good proposal to client that you can do the tast and fulfill his requirements and also mention if you can do it in a less budget. you can google it to get a better solution.
  7. thanks a lot for making me clear this matter.wish you all the best and a very good day.thanks again.
  8. thanks for your suggestion but my question is client says send me a quote means he just want to know the price or he want to send him a custom offer as the article showing ?
  9. client just want me to send a price through message or client want to send him a custom offer? which one?
  10. thanks a lot for your reply. thanks again
  11. Hello everyone, most often my client tell me in the message that send me a quote. what is actually quote and what the clients mean saying send me a quote? thanks
  12. https://forum.fiverr.com/search?q=refresh No you cant use that.it will be harmful for your account.
  13. make a nice gig image,gig trendy search tag,give a attractive title.
  14. just edit your gig and make a nice gig image.
  15. you are wrong.shopify may be dont give any access to their server.i tried to download but even i didnt found any download option there.
  16. Hello shopify experts, could anybody tell me please how can i download the product images of a shopify store from the shopify admin dashboard to retouch them?
  17. send buyer request to your skill category
  18. gig image is not clean and perfect.give some eye catchy image.
  19. actually i forgot… thanks for the info
  20. Hi everyone, which portfolio sites fiverr exactly allows?
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