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  1. Fiverr Recently Launched a new feature. It's called "Repeat business" Increasing repeat business scores is a great way to earn buyers' trust. When you score 95 or higher, you earn a badge! It's working for every subcategory. Recently, I got this feature. Now I am excited to claim this badge for my profile. Hope it helps to grow more sales, what you thinking about it.
  2. Here have lots of factor to down a gig from search. Mostly common reasons: Gig edit Order cancel irrelevant keywords
  3. No Problem. You can take your time.
  4. Before send any buyer request, try to understand, exactly what they need. After understand it, send them a perfect proposal. Try to make it short & don't send copy proposal. Make unique proposal for everyone. Also, notice that how many people send buyer request on it. Always try to send when the request come on. That's all
  5. To fix it you can send text other sellers, then it's start to improve. Also, you can reach support too.
  6. it's not necessary. It's help to rank gig. But if you want to change it no problem.
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