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  1. Thank you for the reply. But this is not the case. By Blank Notification, I mean I can see the fiverr icon in the notification bar, but when I open it, nothing is there in fiverr. Not even a spam message indication from fiverr.
  2. Today I had received a few blank notifications from the Fiverr app. What is the solution of this issue?
  3. Both mobile and desktop have few advantages. However in the mobile app, the only advantage is you can see the user name of the buyer and this you can greet him by his name (if the real name is in the username). Other than that, Desktop version is best for sending BR according to me. What is your best choice?
  4. When I started Fiverr, I also did make custom offer for buyers from the gig promotion option. My question is, is it really goes to the buyers page and they can observe it? Because I see many request in the BR page which is mainly created by sellers to grab the attention of the buyers. At the beginning, I used to send proposals to these request with the purpose of selling my gig. But now I understand that it is useless for the sellers to send proposal to another sellers request?. What is your opinion about this :thinking:?
  5. Wait until the order is completed. Don’t give him any review. Try to complete his gig first so that if anything goes wrong you can tell customer support.
  6. Does anyone also experiencing this problem. For last few days I get notifications from Fiverr app in my phone. But when I open the app there is nothing. This is very irritating.
  7. What? The buyer can’t just cancel the order. The seller can- but the buyer can’t actually cancel it, just request a cancellation through disputing, in which case the seller still gets the choice. I was saying the seller should tell the buyer to cancel the order. If the buyer agrees, then the seller can send the cancellation request to the buyer and he’ll accept it without any more trouble.
  8. Instead of using two account, use your single account and put your 100% effort on it. This will result good number of sells and make you level two seller. Than you’ll have the change to open 15 gigs.
  9. Thank you for this important update. Seems very frustrating. I am thinking that I will now ask to my every new clients about their online activity or check their profile. :crazy_face:
  10. This feature was removed before this latest update of the app, but now it’s back. Though I haven’t seen such option in the website from the beginning of this issue.
  11. When I had seen the option of Offering Template after the update of Fiverr app, I had created some template for my gig to use when my regular clients ask for custom offer. But these templates are no use. I’ve not seen any options to create a custom offer with these templates not even when I create offers or sending proposals to my BR. Why is this new option if it does not serve any purpose?
  12. Hi Hoicsi, you are absolutely right. Fiverr takes charge from both side (Seller & Buyer) for every order and tip as well. This should be resolved and the charging system from buyer side should be removed for giving a tip. Really, this is too much.
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