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  1. Hi Guys I am level two seller and very near to achieve the target of top level seller. I don't know why my gig impression down form 21k to only 300. if it is gig rotation it should be less than a month but my gig still down from last two months. What should i do
  2. Thank you so much for your valuable comments. I have only one account although sometime i used VPN for working purpose on other site. at that time may fiverr site had on.
  3. Hi Fiverr Friends! I am Level 2 Seller. Last month my earning was 1200 USD. I am afraid from last 48 hours my all gigs goes down from search 1 page to 8 or 9 page. I dont know what happen. There is no any warning nor any issue with buyers. What should i do. Please guide me.
  4. Hi Fiverr friends! After CORONA crises my sales go down day by day. Now the situation is no order for the last one week! I want to know how is the situation of alls. …???
  5. Any one tell me. Can i change without any effect my gig price?
  6. Hello Dear fellows I made a gig for Virtual assistant service, and i got 8 orders with five star ratings but i am worry about that my gig related buyer request not seen in my fiverr account. Where and what is wrong, Please some one guide me. I will be highly appreciated in this regards Thank You
  7. HI, guys recently i first time cancel an order… i don’t know whats are the affects on my gig and profile. i am new seller. in future what should i do to overcome such activity. looking for your kind suggestions and recommendations. Thanks
  8. I shared daily but no affects on my gigs
  9. My gigs going down. i have made 4 gigs one gig only got 5 order. remaining gigs cant get any order. please please need complete guidance.
  10. https://www.fiverr.com/kassak7358/expert-to-translate-urdu-to-english-and-english-to-urdu this is my gig link
  11. I have completed my order 03 days ago. Buyer received order but on fiverr he has not finished the order yet. what should i do?
  12. Why not my Gig shows on search in all pages. i searched many times but there is no impressions. i made gig 01 month before. what should i do?
  13. M gig going down again and again, can’t understand what should i do?
  14. I have got 3 order in one week but now this week stop all what should do?
  15. very informative writing from you. Thank you so much.
  16. I think you check your profile contents as well as you should write proper gig description. During writing you should feel as a buyer
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