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  1. You are right. also, here some tips for new. you can do what you're best. Keep updated yourself. Thank you.
  2. Create a high quality gig. stay online as you can. use fiverr apps for any where. Do high quality works. ASAP reply your buyer, on time delivery. etc. Thank you
  3. Wow. It's completely more user friendly! Thank you, Fiverr. Love Love Love.
  4. Hello, How are you? It's new. I am try to know how it works. Thank you
  5. I am interested :raising_hand_woman:
  6. Please fix gig display issue. 1st page gig going to last page, then come back regular position and again going to down. this game is running last 11 months, and lots of seller are same problem.
  7. Hi, naimadesign, I work Fiverr for many years. but 11 months my all gig down[last page], some times its back to regular position[1st page on catagoris] then after few days it’s going to last page. the problem is all of my gigs. and I see many sellers are the same problem, even TRS also. I many time talk about CS for this issue. but I did not get any solutions yet. I lost my selling. I really need help. no cancelations all are 100% and n negative reviews last 11 months. Thank you
  8. @miles_graphics You are right, But Fiverr nothing say. I really need back to the regular position
  9. You do not think there is a problem with you keeping your placement when there are now double and in some cases even triple the number of gigs? Recently there were 165,511 logo gigs where ten months ago there were 80,000. I think that is a big problem. My gig analytics seem to be working fine. :thinking: I did see click view impressions not social click also not see conversion rate in app
  10. 100% Same problem in me! I don’t know how to solve it. even Fiverr didn’t give me promote option. I really unhappy.
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