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  1. Thanks. I would love to hear more of your music. Where can I hear it?
  2. That’s a big surprise. I hope this inspires me to keep learning orchestral composition. Do we have to do anything to avail the prize or is it automatic? Thank you for making me and my sister very happy. She helped me with vocals on this.
  3. Here is my submission. https://www.instagram.com/p/COYDbbjB0xd/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  4. I agree with Jonbaas. No one is the king.
  5. Please, for all the other artists’ sakes, report this buyer to CS as soon as you can. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Yes, I bought some time from him and reported CS. I will try my best to be paid for my time, otherwise looking for a way to not affect my stats (100% now).
  6. I totally understand. I was thinking, forget about the 65 panels, first negotiate for the sample. I successfully had him buy it for $10 but know I understand, a redflag is red flag. I am a trainy negotiator so try my best to hold to the situation till I need to bring out the big guns.
  7. Did someone encounter a buyer looking for an artist to create 55-65 panels? He actually contacted me directly and from the get-go wanted a free sample (1st red flag). After a No, from me he said he can pay $5 for the sample ( My Gig says minimum $10) as he has a lot of work for me ( 2nd red flag). He also wanted me to make 65 panels for $5, as he mentioned it was a special case (3rd red flag). After a lot of back and forth for 3 days, I finally brought him to buy the gig of $10 for the sample he wanted. I said if it works I can try $6/ panel. Also, to mention I asked him for 7 days for the sample. Now coming to today, I sent him an image fully completed in less than 24 hours of the order. He replies he has to cancel the order. This is his reply pasted- I’m not trying to undermine your drawing style but it is completely different to mine and I’m very sure you would waste your time if you give it one more go, and I don’t want you to waste your time. I’ve turned down more than 10 artists who claimed that can follow my drawing style, and there were so many of them who had much more similar drawing than yours but I still turned them down. So, wanted to inform fellow artists not to fell for this trap and ruin your stats. Now is the time we can not afford a single cancelation. I also wanted to ask if someone knows what can be done. I want to be paid for my time or a way that the cancelation does do not affect the stats. Contacted support ( waiting)
  8. That’s the first thing that it S in my mind all the time. Neither am I using any @ symbol but to be clear this is what buyers request for. I have portfolio on my website too and can’t provide that either. I can bring people from sites here and not take ( for samples) to others. But thank you for reminding me I’m in a big danger. If you are from team Fiverr, do look for the perspective the buyer mentioned here. Honesty may harm me here. Have a great day!
  9. Good to understand the perspective. For the 2-3 illustration on main page - Fiverr allows 3 photos for small sellers. Once level increases more can be placed. I myself am an illustrator and almost daily update my portfolio with newer photos that I complete. I even share my instagram, so the buyer can see entire collection. You are true there are lot of stupid sellers here. I buy daily here. If I have time, I’ll make a request. Mostly, I browse and send messages.
  10. I wanted to ask what is bases of order completion rate? I am level two seller and want to make it to 90%. Past week I had it 83%, did two jobs to make it 85%. So I thought every order I do makes it 1% more. But after another job completed it went back to 83%. Had only one cancellation past month. Is there hope for me to reach 90%.
  11. Thank you for the post. I am here for 4 month and getting my first dry spell. I hadn’t been active for 3 weeks and have to face consequences. I now consider myself as a new seller again and lurk around buyer requests to get it started again. I am lucky just got 4 orders from previous clients. I was on very top of my category and now I think I must edit my gig again.
  12. Really happy for you. Be sure to active and dont lag, the progress will be exponential.
  13. As fiverr does not encourage sharing links, mails, fb and stuff, how do you deliver files above 250mb. I am an sound designer and 50% of the time in Gb. What I usually do it upload it on drive and send a link. So my question is, does fiverr management understand this situation or it may be monitoring and one day remove me without notice?
  14. It is a big part of the site with lot of sellers outsourcing, Can I get some ideas to get started?
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