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  1. Sounds like you’re talking about Buyer Requests. If you go to the Buying tab, you should find a link to “post a request”. You can go from there!
  2. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be 4+16. It wouldn’t make any sense if it were the other way.
  3. By pending balance, do you mean the green number in your upper right corner, or just the pending clearance amount? If it’s from that long ago, it should have cleared already.
  4. Fiverr takes 20% from everything you earn, including tips. So for a $20 order, you’d receive $16 in the back end.
  5. It might be a browser thing? I only got mine today as well and I’ve been around for a year or so.
  6. It is a pleasure. Why don’t you share first to get us started? (I’m also a bit confused on the meaning of “messaging tips”.)
  7. I think a longer gig description would be beneficial. Provide details that buyers would want to know before purchasing your gig.
  8. I feel like you should be the one specifying that within your gig itself, not the buyer. The proofreading section can be whatever you make it out to be.
  9. I find it pretty hard to believe that you know all languages. How big is that team?
  10. You just joined Fiverr three months ago. I don’t know that you’re an expert in ranking your profile.
  11. Even so, there’s no need to barrage them with multiple messages at the same time. Report him once and wait for the response. If they’re not responding, it’s because they’re working on other things and haven’t seen your message. Sending more messages will only make things worse.
  12. This might be an issue. CS doesn’t like it when people repeatedly message them on the same ticket. Honestly if I were you, I would have just taken the negative review and ignored the buyer’s further demands. Scammers might be able to take advantage of how Fiverr is set up, but sellers also have the option not to let them take advantage of them.
  13. Yes, in the My Fiverr Gigs section. You can’t share shortened links, as far as I’m aware. Both profile and gig links should be fine in MFG. Yes. Not a graphic design person, so I won’t comment on this.
  14. That’s not allowed on Fiverr without CS permission. It’d probably be a good idea to read the Terms of Service. I think the key issue here is miscommunication. People aren’t understanding your comments because they’re not written clearly. You’ve also lashed out against fonthaunt and offlinehelpers, who are both just trying to help you. You also might want to consider not starting a new comment each time you have something to say. This isn’t an instant messaging system, it’s a forum. Also, if Fiverr is your only livelihood, you might want to consider diversifying. Your account is really new, and it’s not a good idea to abandon everything else just to work here without knowing whether or not you can establish yourself.
  15. The TOS is updated from time to time, so even if you want a summarized version for convenience purposes it wouldn’t be easy to get one. You just have to stoop to the level of the rest of us and give yourself a few minutes to read it again once in a while. It’s definitely not a good idea to rely on the community so that you don’t make mistakes.
  16. It’s perfectly normal. A lot of your buyers will end up not giving reviews, and you just have to take the money and move on.
  17. I haven’t looked at all of them, but your Google analytics gig image is obviously doctored from another online image. I would definitely change that to an original image. Also, your description has some typos. I’d advise that you don’t abbreviate Google/Facebook to Ggle or Fb, as it comes off as unprofessional.
  18. Not an expert, but your gig images aren’t super aesthetically appealing. Maybe it’s the font choice and the solid background?
  19. Yeah, but no one’s going to look into that so closely. Most buyers can barely be bothered to read gig descriptions. Most likely they’ll just assume that you’ve scribbled your username on a piece of paper for some unknown reason.
  20. That’s always a good attitude to have 🙂 While you’re at it, check out this post: There’s a lot to be said for new sellers, as long as you stay positive and don’t fall into the trap of pointless comparisons.
  21. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a new seller, but I think that some of the reasoning behind your reasons is very flawed. True, but the old seller has the reviews to back it up. While some buyers might not mind taking that chance, can you really blame others for not being willing to risk it? That’s a big claim. Are you saying that old sellers got to where they are today by ignoring messages and being irresponsible? That’s a bit of a generalization. Not all new sellers discount their prices. If you can’t give people a good enough reason to pick you without comparing yourself at every single step to sellers who have been around longer, then you might want to rethink your strategy.
  22. I’m still in EST, despite being somewhat midwest-y for the summer. Also, welcome to the forum!
  23. Don’t hijack someone else’s thread to ask for advice on your gig! If you want feedback, then open your own Improve my Gig post.
  24. There really isn’t such a thing as succeeding quickly. Go search through the forum for tips.
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