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  1. Priciness isn’t a problem within itself, but it just seems inconsistent within your gig pricing because of how big the difference is from the $5 basic package. Is the concept really only worth 1/199 of what the final pro product is worth? Other than that, I’d add more of your own sample logos. If you’re trying to entice people to spend that amount of money without having a ton of reviews to your name, you need to show them more of what they’re getting into.
  2. I’ve gotten a lot of work from requests, several of which have turned into long-term clients. A lot of them are indeed very vague and very cheap, so I try only to apply to the more specific ones and let them know what I can do for them. Although most of the time it’s shouting into the void, I would definitely say that it’s worth the try for me.
  3. Your first gig image is blurry, and the font doesn’t come off as very professional. You also only have two sample images, and they don’t show enough skill. Just changing the background color of images isn’t super impressive, especially since you promise a lot more than that in your gig title.
  4. There aren’t options. You could share an account, but that’s risky and might result in a ban.
  5. I don’t see that there’s such thing as “too many freelancers”. It gives a buyer more options to choose from. Sure, it’s more competition for the individual seller, but there’s always someone who will rise above the group and stand out. Even if you’re offering the same services, surely there’s some way you can differentiate yourself.
  6. It seems okay, although the designs are not really to my personal taste.
  7. Of course you can change your picture. That’s on you, not me. I don’t think that “most people” is a reputable source when you’re considering something like whether or not to use a video. A bad video can hurt your gig more than no video. Unless you’re offering some kind of video services, it’s definitely not necessary to have a video.
  8. I’m not a “he”, but I checked out your translation gig. You should write a longer gig description explaining why you are qualified to offer translation services. Also, I’d remove the winky face; some clients may view it as unprofessional.
  9. I would use a different profile picture. The one you’re currently using is from a strange angle and isn’t super flattering. Also, I would remove the gig video entirely. The text-to-speech software that you use is a bit unsettling, and you could just as easily display samples without using a video.
  10. Hm, it seems to be fine on my side. Maybe it is an isolated thing. Try another browser, clearing your cache, etc?
  11. Again, I feel like that isn’t advice that applies to anyone. I actually have barely raised my prices from when I just started out on Fiverr, because I started out charging a price that I felt was fair for my services, and I still got orders.
  12. I feel like that’s a little too extreme to say. Offer lower prices, maybe. But don’t underprice yourself to the extent that you’re working for pennies.
  13. You weren’t being a jerk. Just fix your mistakes and move on 😛
  14. But…I already told you in detail. Those are the errors. Now all you have to do is fix them!
  15. They give you a chance to explain yourself in your own review section, especially in the case of a bad review. While it doesn’t show up on their profile, if you search a certain buyer’s name in Google alongside “Fiverr” or other search terms, sometimes it will bring up reviews they have left other sellers and those sellers’ responses.
  16. Um…I kind of already did that? I pointed out very specific errors. I can’t really fix them for you, so you’re going to figure that part out on your own.
  17. I took a quick look, and: For your logo design one: Offering a potential refund in the first sentence comes off as unconfident. Also, the first image of your portfolio is kind of confusing. Why is there one logo in the foreground blocking ones off in the background? Android/IOS app icon: You spelled Android wrong. Also the title is grammatically incorrect.Your final gig image is also blurry. The sentences “I do not make a carton” and “You will not find any other concert quickly with quality”: I can’t figure out what they mean. Audio production gig: You spelled “edit” wrong in your gig images and video. Also, what is this little part at the end about SR Inc? It cuts off the rest of your gig description and is very jarring.
  18. No, I think the rules are the same for everyone.
  19. You should be able to withdraw them after 90 days.
  20. Your gig doesn’t quite elaborate on what you’re doing. Sure, you’re doing tattoo art, but it’s unclear from the description what that means. Are you photoshopping tattoos onto people? Designing tattoos for people to get in real life? You’ll probably need to tweak your gig title and edit your gig description for clarity.
  21. Your gig description is difficult to understand. The first three paragraphs are basically indecipherable. As a marketer, you should know that using simple, straightforward language is the way to get people on board with your services.
  22. Not responsive to my OP or anything I’ve said. At least it is using the system the way it is designed. I get them too. This way only a few of us are inconvenienced, not the whole category. Remember BRs are rationed. None of us get every one. Why should that resource be compromised? That violates ToS and it is simple to Report and Block them. A little OT, but I’ve found the reporting/blocking function to be hit or miss for me. It sometimes just doesn’t work.
  23. In your data entry gig you say that you don’t have spelling mistakes, but you spelled Fiverr and guarantee wrong in your gig description.
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