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  1. I’ve had refunds as well. At a base level, though, I trust most of my buyers. I won’t demand that they split up a single huge order up into a ton of small orders, that’s just too much effort on both of our sides if I were to do it each time. I don’t know if Paypal have much to do with quality of service. Are you insinuating that you didn’t do such a great job on whatever you got a chargeback on?
  2. So if a buyer comes to you with a big order of $100, would you break it up into 20 $5 orders? Again, I agree with you on the flawed system aspect, but you can only be so careful.
  3. I know you’re talking about Paypal disputes, and I agree that it’s unfair and flawed, but that has nothing to do with the pricing of one specific product. As a writer, I can do $50 orders on a gig that starts at $5, just because of the word count in place, so I don’t see how absolute product price correlates with that.
  4. That’s great and all, because we all know Internet strangers are the most reliable people of all! Sarcasm aside, it’s definitely a flawed system. CS seems to be taking steps to fix this (with their survey and all), but it doesn’t seem to be something that will be fixed soon.
  5. That seems like a vast overgeneralization. I don’t know if this is something you should be talking about on a public forum, even if it is something of the past?
  6. All your services start at $5…what are you trying to say about yourself?
  7. Yep. You can read about that here: There are definitely other ways to get sales, but you probably have to do the research to figure out which methods work best for you.
  8. Have you tried applying to buyer requests? I’m sure you can do your own research 🙂
  9. You haven’t even been around for that long. If you’re just sitting around passively and waiting for orders then nothing will happen.
  10. Good to hear that you resolved the issue, at least!
  11. I would say no need to be mean, but this is also a pretty old thread. rachelmess probably isn’t even keeping track anymore.
  12. It’s 14 days after the order completes.
  13. Why do you keep asking for different ideas when people have already given you advice? If you don’t even have the initiative to do a google search, maybe freelancing isn’t for you 😛
  14. Perhaps incorporating something along these lines into your gig description will help! That way you explain that you’re doing something that’s much more handcraft-based than your competitors without giving away how it’s done!
  15. Interesting. I’ve delivered 100+ orders, and I’ve never seen it before.
  16. Is there a source file upload button? I’m not a graphic design person, but I’ve never seen it before.
  17. It’s only been a few days, so I would say stay patient. Also, don’t put the English and the French one line after the other. It makes it very confusing to read. Instead, put the English as one part and the French as the other.
  18. Thanks for the advice and the well wishes! I’ve only really been around on Fiverr for under a year, so I can’t really speak for that yet. I think that perhaps my lack of qualification as a college student is what has stopped me from raising prices for such a long time, as I often feel afraid to claim expertise when I’m so much younger than many of my clients. Raising them, however, has proved to be a really good experience, so I’m definitely considering doing it again. I’ve doubled the pricing on my blog post gig, and actually ended up getting even more orders than before, so I guess it’s definitely true that people will stick around! 🙂
  19. Profile/cover letter? So your profile itself is a cover letter?
  20. I can’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure I got it when the first month was up.
  21. I know, but not everyone will see your post and change their profile. I just wanted to point out that there’s an easier way than inputting someone’s username into the searchbar when someone doesn’t have their Fiverr link in their profile. Also, I think this is one step in the forum tutorial thing? Maybe it should be more highlighted. I think it used to be default back when I started using the forum.
  22. Um…I meant that you copy-paste their username into the fiverr site link…that’s much less effort than typing it into the search bar. Why would you even need/want to memorize their username when you can just copy paste it after fiverr.com/?
  23. Even for the people who don’t have this, you don’t have to copy-paste their names into the search box. That’s time-consuming and way too much effort. Just add their name after fiverr.com/ (e.g. fiverr.com/username) and you’re good to go!
  24. Of course not, just a civil disagreement! I don’t understand why you’re laughing at that. There’s nothing funny about two people having a normal conversation 😛
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