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  1. Israel based website again hidden the antinazi post. What a cringe... 1. I wrote to payoneer's emails that surajkartha adviced. They said that it is not their job and i should communicate with their help center. After saying that their Help Center does not want to solve the problem, this email starts ignore my mails. 2. Help Center do not answer to me for 1 week. The last answer was - 'screenshot'. 3. It is not possible to create new topic on their community forum or post anything on other topic. Everything goes to hidden posts. So i think my $7300 are completely gone, because i'm russian. That's all you need to know about western values. Thank you for great lesson.
  2. Thank you. I sent emails to these adresses. Will see what happens... Thank you again. 😉
  3. of course i did. i even went to the bank that is not under "sanctions" and opened account there. 3 months i still receive such "useful" info from "customer" support. they just stole my money, that's all...
  4. I still can't receive thousands of USD from Payoneer. 3 Months. Greatest scam in my entire life btw. Western financial institutions btw. Empire of lies and scam.
  5. I want to say - do not use payoneer. This company will steal thousands of your dollars just because you are russian 🙂 Hundreds of thousands of Russians today cannot withdraw their money from payoneer. Was it the sanctions? No. Is there any court decision? No. You are Russian, that's all 🙂 Do not trust any "western" company. Their TOS are garbage, their lawyers are liers, their the judicial system is dead.
  6. Look at this hypocrisy. We, fiverr's staff, broke TOS, we banned thousands of people based on their nationality, we deleted all posts that we don't like, but please be polite and be professionals, because it's emotional times. Yes, i will attack your personality, mr Cringe. Because your words do not match your real actions. So what are you going to do? Ban me completely? Lol, i don't care anymore. Please don't start bombing Palestine harder. There is no russians 🙂
  7. I was banned. Do you know who was not banned? GAZPROM PIPELINE Can Fiverr ban Biden's supporters? Of course not. Double standarts, huh? bX2xxrcKWEVSt8yG.mp4
  8. I’m russian and don’t have orders from Russia LOL 🙂
  9. Let’s talk about it, dear sellers 🙂 What is your world domination stats? What is the most unique country for YOU in the list, from where you had recieved an order? Mine - 17%. I recieved an order from Lesotho 🙂
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