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  1. Hello, What is your expertise with gig subscriptions? How does it affect your ranking and sales?
  2. This is the 2nd day, But it’s getting better now, I spent $6 for the ad and got worth $70 Orders from Promotion. But the organic ranking is still low. I assume that also will be ok after a few days 🙂
  3. Hello, Yesterday I got the Gig promotion feature and previously My gigs have a position on the 4th page of ‘‘Logo Designing’’ But after Gig promotion, there is a bit different
  4. I have this exact same problem. When I select No Nothing happen, I’m a Sri Lanakn
  5. I’m also having this exact same Problem, and low sells
  6. aa797×575 56.5 KB <3 What Do you think 🙂
  7. Hello all, I have noticed such a huge reduction in orders after all fiverr changes, mostly the last 6 months Anyone experience the same? I had more orders in the beginning, 10 - 15 per day.
  8. I also have this problem right now. Do the pay the all missing revenues ?
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