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Found 20 results

  1. Whenever a client messages me, I do not get any notifications or email until or unless I open the Fiverr app that often leads to late response. This is a serious disadvantage for me because I do not get any notifications and I lose my potential buyers because of late response. I have checked the settings and all my message and email notifications are turned on. What is the issue? and how can I resolve it? This is my fiverr id: www.fiverr.com/kinza_asif
  2. I have requested withdrawal today and unfortunately I have entered wrong email for withdraw it shows withdraw In process in my account I want payment will get back to my account Is it possible need your suggestions 🙏
  3. Hello 🤗 I have made a payment but can't see it on my order list. Tried reaching out to customer support but no response since yesterday..
  4. Creating my first GIG I am not able to chose more than 3 days Delivery neither on the Basic package, neither on the Standard and Premium. Could anyone help me?
  5. dipesh8

    Dark Mode

    How to turn off dark mode in FIVERR App? Note: My mobile dark mode is already on, only not show dark mode in Fiverr App.
  6. Actually I have a repeat buyer who purchase one of my gig monthly basis. I noticed that my gig statistics showing wrong information. So I decide to be discussed the issue with my fiverr comunity members. At this situation what should I do? Should I cantact customer support or do nothing?
  7. Recently one of my client told me that plz send me custom order request, because your gig show 0 revisions when I'm going to place an order. So I ask him screenshot and he send it to me. (Screenshot is attached down below.) Note: it's show only when someone placing the order. Everything is fix on my dashboard but when client need to place an order so they see 0 revisions instead of unlimited revisions. Plz anyone here who can help me?
  8. Hello doers, strange things are happening after the latest fiverr update. im not sure if this is just on my end or you are having issues with that too. So, you deliver work and choose which image you want to be shown in your portfolio if the client tick the box upon approval. At the end the system shows just random image, not the image i have choose. Anyone of you having the same problem :)? Regards, Tod.
  9. I am stuck at the W9 form and can't publish my gig. I am a US citizen and I filled out my W9 but I can't proceed to publishing my gig. Please help!
  10. This is what I get from Fiverr while uploading my gig: "Description may not contain an offer for direct communication. Reminder: Communicating with other users outside of Fiverr is not permitted. See our Terms of Service for more info". Here's my gig: Stop spending your valuable time searching for a professional presentation creator because you already have it! YES! I will design for you an entire presentation from scratch at a reasonably low price. This will include: · Customized slides based on the provided theme (educational, scientific, marketing, etc.). · Research-based quality content. · High-quality graphics, statistical reports, and transitions (images, tables, graphs, animations, etc.). · Voice-over narration for the presentation I work for 100 % client satisfaction. I offer endless revisions and work from morning to night to provide my clients with outstanding services. My highest priority is YOU, so feel free to contact me at any time. Note: Please have a look at the sample presentation videos linked with my gig image before placing a purchase!
  11. Hi, I am a level 2 seller. I am facing a big issue and I don't understand what to do about the problem. => My gig was ranked on the 1st page. Suddenly it disappears. After 1 month it again came on the 1st page now after 10-15 days it vanished again. I don't understand the fact, Also my promoted gig showed unqualified when the gig disappear and again turn on when the gig ranked. Any suggestion or tips? Thanks in Advance................
  12. My percentage of "Inbox response time" is going down, and I'm not receiving any messages from new clients, besides that I have responded to all the clients that I have had, and the percentage keeps going down. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've already placed a ticket, if you're wondering. If someone knows what I can do to resolve this issue, I'll appreciate it. Thanks.
  13. So apparently there is a person who created the exact copy of my gig, where every single thing is the same: Portfolio images (he kind of erased some parts of the Fiverr watermark, but it still can be seen) Description (everything including studying background and work experience) Packages This person even managed to get a 5-star review. I suppose I'm not the only one who got his identity stolen by this profile. Is this a usual thing on Fiverr? Do I have to look through the search results from time to time?
  14. Hello, I live in the United States and recently (maybe past two weeks) I have been unable to purchase anything from Indonesia. I use PayPal as I do not have a credit/debit card. This only seems to be affecting orders from sellers in Indonesia, any other country it works fine. I was wondering if anybody else is having this issue and what I can do to resolve it. Thanks!
  15. Repeating bidding on buyers' requests, but the bids didn't take place. Only 1 bid successfully happened. Look at the image. You can see 0 offers to these requests. On some of these, I wrote offers and submit, but it didn't happen. Frustrating actually.
  16. I have 7 gigs. The problem is that it's almost a month since I activated them all and the impressions are low and clicks are rarely there. How do I solve this issue? advice me something new as I have already tried a lot of common ways..
  17. I'm a former full stack webdeveloper trying to return to this segment as a frontend webdev on Fiverr. I was kinda excited for that, but now I'm facing at least three big issues. One of them is in this title: I can't link my GitHub account to the Fiverr profile, no matter how I try (mobile app, site in mobile, desktop, Gecko or Blink browser). The window for auth just pops and disappear, without linking any account. What could I do? Thanks in advance.
  18. I've been having difficulties with a seller since I started a gig with them and I'm not sure what I can do. I keep trying to explain what I want, but it seems like they always try to go the route of the least amount of effort for how much I'm paying 200 dollars I expected them to do a better job it was the custom price the seller set. At this point I just want to cancel the project all together. However they refuse to let me, I have been polite trying to ask them to bring it to a close. But they don't seem to want to budge. I am at a loss as to what I can do, I don't desire them to work on the project any longer for at this point with what I've seen it does not look like they can do what they agreed to do. Does anyone have advice as to what I can do if we can't agree to cancel? Thank you.
  19. Hi! I recently noticed the "order response rate" now tracks the "revision requests within 24h", something I don't remember happenning before. I understand this has been done for a reason, but I need to stress that it doesn't have its desired effect and gets unintentionally abused by the client in my specific use case, which hurts my metrics without me actually delivering late/not being responsive. I deliver (expensive) voice overs for big clients worldwide. Usually these orders do not come from the brand itself, but rather from an agency or production company. These companies need the final approval from the big brand before comfortably closing the order knowing they won't need revisions. Understandably so, if the big brand is unresponsive for a day or two (things work at the pace the final client wants, not the other way around) I've had buyers take 2 routes: They don't notice/know the order will automatically close after 3 days. Once they realize it has been marked completed they send me a private message requesting a review, which I gladly offer through the messaging system (since it was included in the order). Requesting a revision for the sake of keeping the order open until they get feedback from their end client. I don't blame them for that, it makes perfect sense for them. I have never told any of my off-Fiverr clients I won't provide revisions after 3 days. I then wait until they either actually request a revision, or tell me it's all OK and that I can re-deliver the original file in order to complete the order. This supposed no drama before, as it didn't impact my metrics. Now if I find myself in the #2 case my order response rate will get punished for no appropriate reason. I also believe I shouldn't be the one educating my clients to allow the order to get marked as "completed" and trust me to get their revision done if they ever actually need it. I'd suggest to not have order response rate metrics track the "revision delivered within 24 hours" data. That's my 2 cents! Thanks for the read 😄 PS. I wanted to contact CS about this, but haven't been lucky to find any way to do so. Is there any way as a seller (Pro at that) I can contact CS to bring this worry to them? I believe the options on the site simply disappeared.
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