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  1. Sure! Every time they ask me for a sample, I just send them to see the portfolio on fiverr. We should not give away work …
  2. You just have to block him, and report all comments as innapropiate.
  3. I completely agree with you! We are the ones who create the standards of this community! Personally, I have understood that charging very cheap to be put first on the list and placing several orders is a mistake. Many times the one who pays 15 for a work that should be 50, demands even more than the regular buyer with enough budget. Another issue in my case that I am a musician is that sellers should not give away “samples”. It’s a mistake!! Don’t do it. Buyer has to pay for your music, many times some years ago they robbed me because I was doing the example and then they disappear …
  4. Interested!! It may work… I need this kind of help to know best pricing and the way to show my work.
  5. That is not allowed accordingly with the Terms and Conditions of Fiverr. It’s considered a fake delivery and I can receive a warning or lose my account because of that. Please make sure that are aware of TOS before giving an advice that it’s against the rules. Fortunately, I read the TOS, but some other person can take that suggestion and have problems because of that. I did, already. I’m waithing for their response. 🙂 Great! Yeah, that’s the solution. Talk with CS, but normally I used to cancel an order and this was a big mistake
  6. Do not cancel!!! Why not delivery just one basic message saying something like “Please provide script to finish tuhi order”. If this customer just receive that it will make a “modification request” or maybe it will try to cancel. But here is the problem, if this customer cancel your order it will detroy your record, it will down your level by 3 months . So conctact CS now!! Tell all this situation.
  7. Hi there. Absolutely, it is variable. Sometimes I have some orders but never as in the past. Fiverr is not my primary source anymore. I’m trying to improve myself as personal brand. I don’t know if the problem is about users maybe? Could be less users now in Fiverr?
  8. I would only change the Gigs, compare prices with the competition, post new photos, videos … That is the way to start over. You are simply inactive, you have to activate everything by renewing and going online
  9. Hi James! I’m in one complicate country so I know that here Internet is awful, but normally files have errors and suddenly all delivery fail… The problem is that we use another service so Fiverr has no prove of your work. I have now one customer who ask me again and again “Where are my files”? I have explained , I’m sorry I just use wetranfer because there are so many files… Does this make sense? Fiverr is not a platform where heavy graphic work is mainly delivered? music? videos? I think it’s time to improve this!
  10. I’ve been on Fiverr for years, I’m a musician. Some of my clients request delivery of projects with the stems. They are generally very heavy, and the truth is I want to ask the development department Why you guys are not looking for a way to ally with services like wetransfer.? Generally, the amount of files that can be mounted is also very limited and for example I have a project with 50 files. Am I supposed to spend hours trying to mount them? How do we do if there are many? Does Fiverr prefer that we use external services? why? I await your comments! Thank you All blessings!
  11. Last week one customer try to cancel an order. Do you now why? Because I just suggest something to improve the jingle (even more than my Gig offer) . I just decline this cancellation! I told with customer and He said, ohhh sorry, I love your work but I don’t understand what you said because I have poor english… So, after that This customer review was 5 stars. If someone cancels an order for no reason, just decline and talk to CS. Remember friend DO NOT CANCEL AN ORDER EVER!!! I agree with you, I’ve been working on Fiverr by 5 years, and always click “acept” but it means that you make a mutual cancellation. Only once in all these years a client insulted me, harassed me, told me that I had to cancel because she disgusted my “Latin music style”. So I decided to accept the cancellation because the penalty takes 3 months to resolve, but a negative evaluation REMAINS FOREVER. So only cancel as a last resort to avoid negative evaluation. I finally agree with you. There are clients who are acting like criminals, with bad intentions. Sellers have no way to protect ourselves from them, the only way is to “decline” and talk to CS.
  12. Of course. You can edit everithing on your gig. Go to Manage_gigs page https://www.fiverr.com/users//manage_gigs image960×513 50.4 KBso as you can see you are now in edit page image1008×629 62.4 KBI hope this can help you!
  13. You’re welcome!!! Sometimes if we research a little what are doing our competitors on Fiverr, we can understand what do we need to change. Maybe it’s about offer not money. I mean more things to deliver, best quality, new things… All blessings
  14. I think I don’t qualify to answer, according to this stipulation. Even if I did, I wouldn’t share the thing that’s giving me an advantage. I understand you perfectly. I agree with you! Nobody wants to share their secret because that is part of their business. However, I invite you to tell us if you think that waging a low price war and giving away jobs is healthy for your business?
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