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  1. Thanks for every suggestion; Looking for more @chris_ld
  2. I have no idea about it,… May be some experts reply… Thanks
  3. Your gig in now second page. Can you please give me some tips??
  4. Same me…First it in on first page but now my gig on last page. I am very worried about it. @chris_ld
  5. Send Buyer request regular. Its very important for new seller. @chris_ld
  6. Yes, Focus on single skill that goods for you. @chris_ld
  7. Okay… But I want to know better way to improve gig??
  8. @webdevelopers90 But my Gig is not ranking on top. I am very worried about it.
  9. Hope so get reply from experts… Thanks
  10. Thanks!!! If there is a fault in my gig then also please tell me.
  11. Hello, When I complete the order then I will not get more orders. I am very worried about it. Please check my GIG or https://www.fiverr.com/share/p3BGdE I am #Level_two sellers as well but Not getting orders. Looking for your response…Thanks for your time @chris_ld
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