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  1. Right now, I am creating resume's and cover letters. I offer writing gigs and advice/counseling support as well. Honestly considering putting up a few funny gigs for "happy birthday" videos or voiceovers.... because I'm a dork.
  2. I definitely needed to know this!!! Phew! The people contacting me about foot pictures really need to be blocked from placing an order 🤣
  3. Absolutely! I was blessed to get to sleep almost 12 hours straight last night and work up with a clear head again! I made sure to bump my prices WAY up before logging off yesterday. Thank you for the encouragement. @vickieito Thank you so much for this thoughtful feedback. Looking back at my post now (with rested mind and eyes) I was embarrassed! But I appreciate you sharing your vulnerability experiences as well. It makes me feel more human 🤣I am 100% taking all of the advice given here. I think I must have needed that all-nighter in order to get a wake up call about refining my Fiverr seller structure some. It's very cool to see that you do the same service and that is works for you this way. To be honest, the effort I put in to those resumes and cover letters is really 150%. I try to overdeliver so why not charge way more? I think people would pay for someone to be truly invested in the work rather than to just have "something" that passes. I try to really get to know the person professionally and make them shine. It makes them feel good and I enjoy hearing back from them about all the calls they're getting for interviews 😀 Again, thank you so much for the boost. It means so much to be on the receiving end of encouragement 🥰 @smashradio This is a brilliant formula! I think I might start using this but at a frequency of every week until I get a good pattern down. Maybe I will back off 10% here and there if the orders stop. 🤣 But yes, I am 100% going to be putting family first. I believe God will provide the needs 🙏🥰
  4. So I did it. I got myself overbooked and managed to succumb to the desire to please my buyer by providing more than what he paid me for 🤦‍♀️ Time for my 2 second pity party (don't worry, I will be fine in a day lol): I am 6 months pregnant, working full time and doing Fiverr gigs and promotional gigs (irl) while also caring for 2 little girls and maintaining church activities, extracurriculars, etc. The sad part is that one of my Fiverr gigs is COUNSELING!!! 🤐 And yes, I know... this is way too much. These hard economic times have people doing some desperate things. The bank isn't adding more to the checking account without work and the bills aren't going to stop (yes, we are reducing cost of living). I know times are hard for many. I am still grateful for the opportunity to be a seller on Fiverr, however. BUUUT, maybe I will take a break this week. 🙂 I just stayed up ALL night doing $50 in work.... Nope. Not worth it. Night Night!
  5. I'm having the same issue except I submitted mine a dozen times on the day they requested it. I didn't wait until day 14. Right now, I have 12 more days for it to be verified before they disable my account. I sent in a ticket and they stated they would get back to me within 12 hours. It's hour 13 now. I'm guessing I will get a response within the 12 remaining days. I think the Fiverr bots only like certain ID's that show the photo well. Some ID's have emblems and markings over the photo for security purposes and Fiverr bots hate this and think it means the photo is poor quality. My ID is one such ID. The state in which I live likes to place tiny lines that are actually small words all over the photo portion of the ID. So there is no way to make the photo "clear" enough for the Fiverr bot. I am assuming this is the reason some people are getting this message and have to submit tickets. See sample of a tiny portion of my ID Photo.... There's no way to remove the lines that the government places on the ID 🤷‍♀️
  6. I just realized there is a way to post on your own profile... 


    1. vickieito


      And you can also reach out to other members on the forum through these status replies as well. It's nice if you want to post but still "hide" from the main traffic. 😊

      (only your followers will see your status updates)


    2. sarahhagwood


      Learning something new every day! 🤪

  7. Welcome! I too am new. Your services sound INTENSE 🔥!! 🤣 I know that the forums have been very informative for me since joining. I try to check out something new in forums each time I log on (when I have no orders). There's some great forum entries from some VIP sellers that have been here quite a while. If you make it a point to explore and learn something new each time you log on, you will find more confidence in utilizing Fiverr as a seller. One piece of advice I keep seeing over and over is do not price your services too low. Fiverr wants to make money and the algorithms will not bump your gig up when you aren't asking for much money.
  8. I'm just curious as to what "it" is exactly...
  9. What happens when you "Click here"?
  10. I literally did not know this 🤦‍♀️ I guess it is good that I did all my gig changes early in my time as a seller. I have made a single change every week to refine my gigs to be more effective for both me and the buyer. Does this happen even when you change small things like the questions for the buyer to answer when they are placing the order?
  11. I guess it depends on the gig and the seller. I usually do my main service for free locally (just to help people) and I am paid doing it on Fiverr at $20-$80/gig. A good formula I used to determine how much I would charge is to decide my "hourly" rate that I would like to have. I realistically quoted my gigs based on that rate depending on how much time it would take to complete the work. I feel like there are some sellers that sell way too low and others that sell way too high. I think buyers appreciate a middle ground and seek a seller that is reasonable. The price is often the first indicator about if the seller is reasonable or not. Personally, when I see something that I feel is overpriced, I tend to think the seller is a bit proud and prone to arguing with a buyer if they are dissatisfied. When I see a price that is way too low, I think of the seller as being desperate and probably not even able to deliver the product as expected. As someone mentioned earlier, Fiverr is doing a lot of work for us sellers that we do not have to do on our own. We don't have to find buyers. We just wait for them to come to us. The advertisement, transactions, resolutions, and communications are all handled by the platform (which is great). Also, the buyers on the platform are seeking an alternative to paying someone locally (for a variety of reasons - but price does often play a role in that choice). Using the platform levels the playing ground also. For those who are ambitious with no experience: they can test the waters and climb the ladder of success. For those who are career professionals: they can supplement their income. I've seen plenty of international sellers from 2nd and 3rd world countries who are able to earn an income that they would never have the opportunity to earn locally where they live. I rather enjoy the idea that opportunity is open for all who are capable of a service; not just professionals.
  12. Thanks for the post. I had a buyer today that tried to get me to do a "revision" but it was really just a request for more work for free. I kindly asked him to please pay for additional work. What's bad is I actually started to complete the "revision" and as I was typing away and finding that it was actually a whole new task and time consuming, I realized that his request was not reasonable to label as a revision. I stopped working then created a modification (to add more money for more work) and thankfully he accepted just a while ago! I almost submitted additional work to him without payment! I think you're right... out instinct is to avoid conflict and make the customer happy. But it is okay to professionally explain to a buyer that you are happy to help but there is a difference in the original agreement and the new request. I am still so new to Fiverr but I am already learning so much about the dynamics of communication with the buyer.
  13. Thanks for this! I think I am dealing with someone trying to play the system right now. He started out with a HUGE order and I set a milestone order. He accepted the first completion without any revisions. Then I completed the second part. He then waited 7 days after delivery then requested a revision on the portion that I already sent and he accepted in the first milestone. His revision request was more of a request to write additional, not revise anything. I kindly told him that I am happy to write additional and offered a really great price to do so (much less than I would normally). Also, during the process of this order, my writing gig was removed by Fiverr due to offering academic work, which my description specifically states that I do not do that and to not bother trying. I am wondering now if this buyer reported my gig to try to get it removed and maybe get his work for free?
  14. Yes! Thank you! The order was excellent and she tipped me an extra $20! I ended up getting $100 for something I was offering to do for $30 before.
  15. I kid you not... I read this and was like, that's something I have been doing (underselling)... A few people got a steal from me this week but I am a new seller and wanted to spark business so I put my prices very low. I've only sold 3 gigs though. As I was reading this, I stopped and changed my prices and before I could get back to read the rest of the post, I already had a new order on a gig that I just marked the prices up on! Wow!
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