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  1. My Pleasure…If you need any help You are welcome
  2. @guldesignzz Refresh page Again Again…When new request came it will appear on Top. Thanks
  3. That’s great!!! But you will note why you are not getting orders.
  4. @bmsurujuddin you can create 7 Gigs totals Thanks
  5. @lottosoporte i said now my gig show but when I post this topic then my gig didn’t show anywhere!!!
  6. Yeah!!! You right…But Nothing happen when gig on first page I dont recieve any message
  7. Now Show my Gig on first page Thanks
  8. I want some tips to make more attractive gig So I received daily orders. You can see my last review. 😓 4 days ago… I am very worried about it @bodmas
  9. You right …I have correct now Really Thanks @bodmas
  10. Hello, I just want to improve my gig more. Please preview my gig and also give me more tips. Here my GIG or https://www.fiverr.com/share/DmVrx7 Thanks @chris_ld
  11. @pixel_evo Hope so you will get order and message soon!!
  12. In revision, Its doesn’t effect on your delivery time in profile. Don’t take tension about it. If you deliver late in first delivery then it will be effect on profile.
  13. Its revision, the order came 2 or 3 days ago
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