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  1. Yes I agree with you because I have canceled one order only in 2020 and become unqualified of the promoted gigs feature with 5 months and now the feature work with me from April and I have got 4 orders until now in 2021 and the impressions is slowly 2 or 4 or 6 in the day, comparison in 2020
  2. It will be working with you now until finishing the gift $10, and in the future does not work again like me and more sellers here 😂
  3. Hi, Please What is your daily spend limit now?
  4. Please, the feature work with you again after one month or two month
  5. This feature work with you now or not
  6. You can change the title and the tags and the description may be solve it
  7. What we can do? I have sent to CS and them don’t solve this problem
  8. Hi, your problem has resolved or still not
  9. I have the same problem still 2 months
  10. This problem for me also. I have 2 months without any orders when I contacted with the custom support them answer me this problem because the additional quality metrics. Now you can create a good work and a good response for the clients to back again in the market. Please patience because we all in one ship.
  11. I have sent to CS and this their reply download733×555 106 KBThis problem because the additional quality metrics 78bbbbd3-3c80-4a4f-b97c-95d12d5654f0707×218 33.6 KB
  12. I have sent to CS and this their reply download733×555 106 KB
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