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  1. What option we need to select if I am from Pakistan?
  2. Totally I completed 374 orders, from which 225 orders were from USA. So yes, mostly my buyers are from USA. Untitled1920×1080 149 KB
  3. Yes, I think reasons for this drop of sales are Covid-19 and Protests in USA. All the small businesses are mostly closed.
  4. Not really. Fiverr is worldwide, even though most of the orders come from USA, It’s not the reason of it. Have you had a conversation previously that your average response time got affected? It shows a slower response rate than others. How are your stats, did you deliver the order late or got cancellations? Yes I know, Fiverr is worldwide. But I heard the news that protests are started in England and Brazil also. May be, this one is a reason. Here are my stats:
  5. Hi, are you face no sales also? Or its just me? I got no order in last 21 days. Why sales are down? Is it due to Covid-19? Or due to protests in USA? Or due to both? Are you getting orders?
  6. @visualstudios, I have found many regular, longterm buyers through Buyer Requests. exactly, I also got few best buyers from buyer request 🙂
  7. I am not facing this problem, but many sellers. So I thought may be there is any bug.
  8. Many new sellers are Complaining that Buyer Requests are not showing in their profile. Is there any bug? Or how to fix this? Any advice on it? 🙂
  9. Say “Hi, How May I Help You Today?”. And this will save your response time rate.
  10. I am using obs which is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. I use it for video recordings for my clients. 🙂
  11. Plus I am getting no orders and messages in these days. Whats going on?
  12. Are sales down due to easter holidays? I am facing low sales
  13. Are sales down due to easter holidays? I am also facing low sales. Even its 11 days I delivered no order. Sad! I don’t know whats going on. And long we will need to wait before easter ends?
  14. Price of Regular Sandwich is Rs. 35 which is 0.25 dollar.
  15. No there is not any trick for that, just try to reach Level 1. Then Fiverr will allow you to create new GIGs.
  16. Try To Send Offers In Buyer Requests Section. Hope This Video Helps You: Keep in mind, first read the buyer request description and after that if you are sure that you can do that job then send offer only.
  17. $1 in PKR is 140. After Payoneer cut I get PKR 138
  18. We cannot do anything here except than waiting. Try to reply from the Fiverr app on your smartphone.
  19. May be they are updating the inbox.
  20. Fiverr is not working properly on my side also, may be they are updating the system. Feedback Update
  21. Fiverr is not working properly on my side, may be they are updating the system.
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