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  1. I agree, that’s the best thing you could do. Though higher prices means less jobs, and any cancellation then can still affect your ranking. (on the other hand if you have many jobs, one cancellation won’t have much effect).
  2. It seems to be targeted towards Buyers, am I right? Does it help also sellers to use Business Tools? Thanks.
  3. Price your gigs well and you’ll easily avoid such buyers. Don’t let your gig prices reflect the fact that you’re trying to make a few bucks, to make ends meet. Don’t let the buyers see that you’re very desperate to sell. There’s no appropriate amount. Some sellers offer the same service for $500 which the other sellers offer for $5. Prices are subjective. The sooner the sellers understand this, the better for them.
  4. Find a good niche to find a steady way out of Level 1.
  5. Right. As I said, I am not aware of any sort of commission based on any category of gigs. The affiliate program is not gig or category based. There is no percentage commission in the affiliate sense. You basically just get $5 for anyone whom you refer to Fiverr. That’s not really a commission, but rather a reward for getting friends to sign up for accounts on Fiverr. @jonbaas You’ll have to login and check out the dashboard to understand what I’m referring to. ( https://fiverraffiliates.com/login/ ) Whether you consider it “commission” and “affiliate” or not, Fiverr does consider it and calls it exactly that. They do have what they refer to as a “commission plan”, 2) it IS category based, and 3) it is much more than $5.
  6. @jonbaas Fiverr does have an affiliate program: https://www.fiverr.com/affiliate_program That’s what I’m referring to. @offlinehelpers CS isn’t responding, as I mentioned.
  7. Hello. The commission plan page in Fiverr Affiliates dashboard does not mention any CPA for logo design. What’s the commission for logo design and related gigs? Asking here since Fiverr customer support hasn’t replied and it’s been two days since I emailed them. Thanks. Fahad.
  8. So it appears that the dip is in Fiverr’s performance, and not in that of many of the sellers.
  9. Hello. Does anyone know if any buyers have also been demoted? Especially buyers who mistakenly place orders which then need to be cancelled, hurting the sellers’ profile? Or have only the sellers been demoted due to the buyers’ mistakes? Thanks.
  10. That´s sad, sorry for you, but I´d say we all should go through CS either way for all such cancellations that happen because of buyers ‘accidental’ orders or because of system bugs, server downtimes etc., even if it still counts against our rate; at least, it will be more obvious to Fiverr that the current stance can´t be the answer to the cancellation rate issue. If we just cancel ourselves instead, it will go unnoticed. That’s good advice! Thanks Miiila!
  11. There really isn’t any way stop being demoted due to cancellation of orders placed in error by buyers, is it? Because I’ve been told by Customer Support a few days ago that “all cancellations affect the cancellation rate, even if we cancel them for you.” I have been demoted only and ONLY due to cancellation of such orders, as ALL of my cancelled orders to this day were placed in error by the buyers. I’m sure such is the case for many sellers, if not most. My analytics:
  12. Hello everyone. I was told by customer support a few months back that Mutual Cancellation has effect on my cancellation rate, so if an order needs to be cancelled, it is better to have Customer Support cancel the order for me, as it is not going to have any effect on my cancellation rating or hurt my profile in any way. So if an order was placed in error by a buyer, I always asked Support to cancel any orders for me instead of mutual cancellation. And that was the only reason for ALL of my order cancellations: orders placed in error by a buyer. Now I’ve been demoted ONLY due to my order cancellation rate, or more specifically ONLY due to cancellation of orders placed in error BY THE BUYER. Now I’m being told that by Customer Support that “Mutually cancelling orders… still affect(s) the cancellation rate, but does allow a lessor affect.” My question is: What’s really safer for my profile and my cancellation rating? Mutual Cancellation vs Cancellation by Customer Support Or are both really the same? Because I am also being told by Customer Support that “all cancellations affect the cancellation rate, even if we cancel them for you.” I have a new order placed in error by a buyer which he/she has requested to be cancelled and I don’t know whether to accept Mutual Cancellation or to contact Customer Support to do it. So i’m looking to clear the confusion. Thanks. Fahad.
  13. I second that! Paypal isn’t available in my country and Payoneer charges about $5 on each withdrawal! I have also used Skrill before so I understand how helpful this will be.
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