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  1. How do you handle a situation if you get a satisfying job at midnight and if the buyer needs fast delivery, but you are too tired?
  2. I posted a request for customer service, and they are not responding. Now it is almost three days. Does anyone have the same experience these days?
  3. Since a couple of days, I notice some special buyer requests. I think some peoples have been trying Fiverr buyer request section to get traffic to their website. So basically they add some shorten URL or just link as text without a direct link. So you have to copy the text and need to visit the website manually. Another thing is that these scammers offer more money for the project. therefor there is a high possibility to someone attempt to apply to the offer and check the URL Be careful and don’t waste your time and number of requests, for scammers ✌️.
  4. Yes indeed. It feels sorry about the ones who get the jobs 😦 lots of new sellers are trying to get their first order by accepting these unfair jobs.
  5. I notice two buyer request in photoshop category. Do you think these are real?
  6. Thanks Woofy31. I didn’t get it yet. so then that is the reason. :thinking:
  7. Does anyone know to reason for not having available now icon ?
  8. Thanks brother. my mistake. I didn’t know that it shows as separate payments. it was 15$ and 5$ tip.
  9. Yesterday, I did a 20$ order and I have earned 16$. but in pending clearance page it shows as 12$. is this a bug or something after the update?
  10. Hi. I’m level 2 seller in Fiverr since 2014. From the beginning I worked really hard to rank my gig into a higher level and I could be at the first 20 sellers in the Photoshop editing category about a year. Most of the day I just slept around 3-4 hours per day. It was a great and hard time, but unfortunately I got a couple of negative feedback within a couple of months because of late order delivery in the middle of last year. The reason was I stuck with my college exams. Within that time period one of my gig impressions was reduced to 1k from 22k. After all, I start again, but It didn’t work. I hired some social media gigs and some advertising gigs. I posted my gig on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites and some forums. Now, my best selling gig impression is less than 700.Fiverr was my only income. Now I’m spending really hard time. Please anyone have suggested to rank my gig again? I think, this will be help lots of sellers like me. Here is my account. https://www.fiverr.com/nuwan_mendis
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