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  1. Hello chronos_1, No cancellations, 1 order 3.7star or 1 late delivery but delivery on time is 93% in my profile. really It will take a 2-3 month to back to top. very sad because i always got 1 order per day. Any suggestion how will fast to go up? Thanks
  2. Hello All, As my account is concern, I’m On Fiverr Since 2013, I am Level 2 Seller, In Past 6 months I spend my maximum time on Fiverr, But Suddenly It happens with my gig, It dropped to last page. If it would be only one gig? than its Ok, My almost all gigs Dropped to the Last page. And i don’t know what to do now? My whole income was reliable on this. i have a team also. Any Answer? or solution NOTE : No bad rating, Almost 150+ 5star ratings, No recent cancellation.
  3. Hello Leonarddav30, i have same problem today. did your issue solve? Please advice. Thanks
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