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  1. It’s better to just follow the system in place. It protects you and the buyers. The other way doesn’t protect you at all. Plus you’re giving buyers an expectation of receiving work before paying. Fiverr is not a fan of that. One day you may be out of luck without pay. Then what? The seller can move on and ask a hundred others sellers for that same experience. And you’ll be out the dough. Honestly, other sellers who are following Fiverr’s TOS would not appreciate having to clean up that mess.
  2. Yas! Think of your gigs like an advertisement. Do you want one ad or a few ads in the marketplace? It would be in your best interest to expand even so now with the influx of new sellers. Even if you have one winning gig, you can promote other gigs to build up brand identity. I tend to get people who want to buy my main gig but they’ll contact me through another gig I have. It works! Also, within each gig be sure to max out your 3 packages. Give your buyers options. You got this!
  3. That sounds about right. Or maybe he has to make rent cause he’s short $450. 😬
  4. That’s good. Yes, you can switch between the two payment options.
  5. Unfortunately some people only use PayPal so… That’s a problem. I was checking my funds to withdraw $$ on Monday, I do hope they fix it by then. I can’t see this taking a few days… Gotcha. Are you saying you don’t have access to another payment option? I see 3 available options. Sure, our preferred way through PP may not be available, but come Monday if it isn’t fixed how will you pivot?
  6. Agreed! Also, super glad Fiverr provides other alternatives. Otherwise, I couldn’t imagine waiting for a paper check. lol
  7. Thank you for clarifying! I understand. 🙂
  8. Thanks for letting us know. Should we select another option to withdraw funds in the meantime? Or sit tight till Paypal is worked out?
  9. This is a good idea. Like the others said ☝️ you can download that app/extension. Or you can just check your computer settings. Most newish computers come with that feature. Same for mobile phones. Android has a blue light filter option built in.
  10. I get most messages now that do not come from my gig pages. I have no idea how people find me. It’s really strange after all this time when I’m still in the dark about that. Oh my that’s interesting. :o Hopefully you’ll solve that mystery soon.
  11. Congrats on your new journey on Fiverr! You have an awesome genuine presence and I’m sure it will take you far. May I suggest for your “self isolation” gig that you try changing up the keyword to covid 19. You can always test it out with other keywords too if you are not receiving a response. Be sure to share your gigs on your social channels, your email list and/or clients you have worked with in the past. It takes a bit of patience to grow here on Fiverr but in the meantime try to consume as much information on Fiverr’s blogs and podcast, as well as the forum. Wishing you the best!
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