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  1. That’s what I do too! I just order Thai food and tea while I watch an entire season. Then I have horrible nightmares but then by the next season im fine! 😂
  2. I binge watch TWD when I go home to visit. Here in France nothing comes in until like 2 years after the initial release. So no spoilers! 😄 I’m only on Season 7! Yes I agree with the BBQ, but I made the post for fun. It truly doesn’t matter it was just a conversation starter. 😀 while I take a break from work!
  3. Ya, I feel like the way they have “World Domination” makes it sound so intimidating. When in reality I write children’s books about flowers and talking dogs. So I mean, if I am starting a war. Its a war with rhymes and lullaby’s. 😂 Me neither! That’s why I was so interested. And yes. I agree 1000% #strongwomenstrongworld
  4. I was looking at my analytics today and saw My World Domination is at 21%. As I only work through the English language in writing I assume I’m probably on the lower end right? 🌍
  5. I think if your fiverr email and your facebook email are different it may be harder to connect? Maybe? If they are the same then I have no idea… I am sorry…
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